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  1. I've had 2 die the same way. Fixed it by going to a Pocket Pro II
  2. Kurt was the first person I heard talking about letting dots into the irons divisions. It's been a thing at our local matches for years.
  3. Xtreme 9mm are mostly good to go. I had terrible results with their 180gr 40's, and so so results with 230gr 45's.
  4. In central Oklahoma we have 3 really fantastic matches each month. I mean 7-8 quality stages with unique shooting challenges. One draws 80+, another draws 35-40, and the other draws 10-20. Each has a different feel but all are great run by really good MDs. I think geography has a lot to do with it. Some matches due to where they are just never draw big numbers.
  5. I went nuts with mine, checked every box except for it being a sight tracker and was in it for $4,700. Stainless or blued without some of the other cosmetic stuff it would have been under $4K.
  6. I've not held any 1911 or 2011 that was as nice as my SV with regards to either fitment or finish. And I've not found a smith with customer service as good as SV. Unless some things changed you can spec out a 40 cal limited gun for less than $4K. Don't get the thing Ionbonded and avoid some of the options that aren't necessary for a competition gun and there you go.
  7. Oklahoma misses Austin.
  8. I love my Omega.
  9. Good grief. Rifle safety rules have been established for many disciplines without issue. Safety concerns can be addressed without issue.
  10. Mine is one of the most epic reloading purchases ever. It is awesome.
  11. I ordered 12/13/14. Are they pretty much dead on at 15 months right now?
  12. Either of you guys shot one of the full size SOCOM556 cans?
  13. Damn, what went wrong with them? You have a surefire on your 10.5 don't you?
  14. I'll be picking up my omega in a week or so. If it helps I'm looking for another suppressor that's a little more bomb proof. Hence my curiosity in something like a Saker. I haven't ruled surefire out either.
  15. Like the title says, looking for a 30 cal suppressor that will decently quiet down 556 and be durable enough for use on a 12.5" barrel through something like a carbine class. Also looking at a Saker, but I don't have a lot of interest in anything AAC makes.