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  1. I use my 92 BrigTac for 3 gun and USPSA but I ordered an APX to play around with. What are everyone’s experience with this platform especially if it was used in competition?
  2. I concur, it does shoot softer but I can't stand the way it meters out. Like dog poo.???
  3. I have a Geissele G2S trigger in my 3 gun rifle now and was looking to upgrade to a faster trigger. The reviews of he Geissele Super Dynamic 3gun trigger seem favorable and i can get it for under $200 on sale. Has anyone used this trigger and what are your opinions of it for 3gun competition. I shoot mainly under 200yrds and alot of hoser stages. Any other options i should look at enstead for $200 or under? Thanks.
  4. Boom! http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/products/military/pistols/sfp9/sfp9-l/product-overview.html
  5. A VP9L set up for production division: 5" barrel Short reset trigger with over travel stop. Bigger internal magwel Bomar style adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front Get rid of that groove that the trigger passes through and rubs my finger.
  6. I heard Power Pistol has excessive muzzle flash.
  7. I'm looking for a load to simulate 124grain NATO FMJ or +P self defense rounds like Speer Gold Dots or Hornady XTP. I will be shooting these out of both pistols and carbines. I really need some suggestions on what powder is good for obtaining both velocity and accuracy with 124 grainers for this type of load. Thanks.
  8. I was curious if any professional/Top Tier shooters in some of the more popular disciplines like 3gun, USPSA or IDPA use a Steyr pistol? If not, why? I would think the Steyr's attributes like low bore axis, great out of the box trigger and comfortable grip would be desirable in a competition pistol.
  9. Do more Pros use strong or weak or is it pretty much split down the middle?
  10. How does one get a chance to shoot at USPSA Production Nationals? Do you just sign up on a first come basis and pay the fee or do you have to do a qualify in some manner? Very curious.
  11. I'm shooting Superstition Mountain at the end of the month. Its been quite awhile since I've shot a big match so I was wondering how many shot shells I should have on my belt for a heavy shotgun stage and how many pistol mags I should run on my belt? My mags are 18 rounders. Thanks Steve
  12. I just got it the other day so it isn't even mounted yet but after checking reviews and such I went with the Burris 1-5 XTR II. It's in the $700 price range.
  13. This may be a stupid question but how do you use the mil marks? Do you use those like tiny crosshairs for the different distances?
  14. BDC or MIL retical? I've never used either before.
  15. I know there is a big price difference between the two but how does the Burris XTR compare to the Vortex 1-6 Razor HD II from those that have seen or used both? Such as fov on 1x, clarity and retical? Would you be giving up a lot going with the Burris? I know it's about 4oz lighter. Thanks
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