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  1. I will say less the 1/4 " if that makes any sense. But the nut did move. I got around 100 rounds to try this weekend. I marked the one that looks to have high primers. If I get a FtF it will be easy to identify.
  2. Well, I got a chance to check yesterday. It looks like some primers are not set properly. I check with a caliper and some were .03 and other are not recessed, but flush to the brass. I check the shell plate and is good. I did us a wrench and tighten the plunger. HesedTech, the gun was in full battery. Helo0o0o0o, I will not try to reseat the primers. I know this is a big No No. I reloaded few rounds and will try this weekend to see how it goes. Thanks everyone for the much needed help. Lou
  3. Gentleman, Thanks for all the information. I will check the primers in the remaining loaded rounds. I will check the press too. Travail, I have never had any problems with factory ammo.
  4. No, If that is the problem how I will fix it? I push the handle forward pretty firm.
  5. Guys, I loaded 100 the other day, went to the range and I got few FTF (4). I Was shooting Extreme Bullets 124 gr and went to Extreme Bullets 115, the only bullet available when I placed the order. If I try to fire the round again the round will fire, only in one occasion the round failed to fire for the second time. I'm reloading 6 Grain of HS6 and CCI primers CCI brass, reloaded in Dillon 650.. The Gun is a G34. Any Idea of what can be the problem?
  6. How come I don't seem much mention of H6 for 9mm loading?
  7. My eye sight is bad, so a red dot help tremendously. I was planning to use it on steel challenge. I use a G34 for carry optic.
  8. Can you install a red dot?
  9. Cool indeed. Thanks for collecting all the data.
  10. If you do 500.00 shipped I buy.

  11. Thanks for the link. I wanting Bluetooth so I can listen to music for work outs and around the house when doing chores. I don't listen to music or answer phone call while at the range.
  12. Thanks for the information. I know the first generation had a lousy battery life. The BT model has a rechargeable batteries. Anyone else?
  13. Any one using the walker bluetooth ear buds? What can you tell? Should I stay away? Thanks
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