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  1. Louro

    Fail to Fire

    I will say less the 1/4 " if that makes any sense. But the nut did move. I got around 100 rounds to try this weekend. I marked the one that looks to have high primers. If I get a FtF it will be easy to identify.
  2. Louro

    Fail to Fire

    Well, I got a chance to check yesterday. It looks like some primers are not set properly. I check with a caliper and some were .03 and other are not recessed, but flush to the brass. I check the shell plate and is good. I did us a wrench and tighten the plunger. HesedTech, the gun was in full battery. Helo0o0o0o, I will not try to reseat the primers. I know this is a big No No. I reloaded few rounds and will try this weekend to see how it goes. Thanks everyone for the much needed help. Lou
  3. Louro

    Fail to Fire

    Gentleman, Thanks for all the information. I will check the primers in the remaining loaded rounds. I will check the press too. Travail, I have never had any problems with factory ammo.
  4. Louro

    Fail to Fire

    No, If that is the problem how I will fix it? I push the handle forward pretty firm.
  5. Guys, I loaded 100 the other day, went to the range and I got few FTF (4). I Was shooting Extreme Bullets 124 gr and went to Extreme Bullets 115, the only bullet available when I placed the order. If I try to fire the round again the round will fire, only in one occasion the round failed to fire for the second time. I'm reloading 6 Grain of HS6 and CCI primers CCI brass, reloaded in Dillon 650.. The Gun is a G34. Any Idea of what can be the problem?
  6. How come I don't seem much mention of H6 for 9mm loading?
  7. My eye sight is bad, so a red dot help tremendously. I was planning to use it on steel challenge. I use a G34 for carry optic.
  8. Can you install a red dot?
  9. Cool indeed. Thanks for collecting all the data.
  10. If you do 500.00 shipped I buy.

  11. Thanks for the link. I wanting Bluetooth so I can listen to music for work outs and around the house when doing chores. I don't listen to music or answer phone call while at the range.
  12. Thanks for the information. I know the first generation had a lousy battery life. The BT model has a rechargeable batteries. Anyone else?
  13. Any one using the walker bluetooth ear buds? What can you tell? Should I stay away? Thanks
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