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  1. That it is, and I will also have to actually deal with snow which as an Okie is not really a frequent problem.
  2. Considering a move to Indiana from Oklahoma, likely living in or around Noblesville. Looks like there are a reasonable number of matches and ranges within a few hours. Also looks like my NFA items are allowed. Anything else about the state or Indianapolis to know or consider?
  3. Geissele SSA-E is a great trigger. All my ARs have those or regular old SSAs.
  4. May be moving to the Iowa City area. Looks like West Liberty is the closest club for USPSA. Are there any other matches/disciplines around? Also any advice on where to live? Need to be no more than 20-30 minutes from the University of Iowa. Laws look decent, I believe I can bring my suppressors and SBRs, don't have a MG yet which looks like a no go anyway. From what I can tell standard mags are kosher across the whole state. Any law issues I should know about?
  5. Have a dovetail cut in the rib and install a handgun front sight. Dawson has a ton of heights available and they are easily replaced if you smash the heck out of it. Easy to adjust for windage too.
  6. When I had one I took a jar full of mineral spirits and soaked the piston overnight. Blow it out with compressed air the next day.
  7. Does JP make a block adjustable from the front now? If they do I'll check it out.
  8. Looking for adjustable gas blocks for my 308 rifles. I'd like blocks that are adjustable from the front, preferably something that has clicks or a some other locking mechanism. One will be set and not adjusted, the other will be used with and without a suppressor so it might be adjusted up and down regularly if that makes a difference. The SLR 7 seems to fit the bill, are there any others that fit the criteria? I was not impressed with the Syrac blocks I had.
  9. Double overhand deadlifts and farmers carries have done wonders for my grip. I can close a COC 2.5 now and was stuck at a 1.5 for quite a while.
  10. I put SSA-Es in all my ARs. I have really come to like 2 stage triggers. Wait for any holiday and buy them for 170-180 bucks.
  11. I had an order take a while around Christmas but lately orders have been shipped the next day and I get the product in 2-3 days. Pricing doesn't really seem crazy either, the items I've bought have been similarly priced elsewhere.
  12. Happy Birthday Buddy!

  13. The housing internals are different. You need a minimum of a new spring and cap, you may need a new pin retainer too.
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