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  1. I loaded up a fairly large batch of bullets that keyholes once, when I started casting my own. If memory serves me correct I believe the cause was undersized bullets due to running everything too hot while casting like my hair was on fire. I took a lot of crap from from the guys I shoot with but honestly they seemed to fly straight and they caught a number of perfect for me as well. I called them line cutters.
  2. I compete with a 2011 in limited or a 1911 in a local action pistol (idpaish) league. I carry mainly a shield but do carry an lcp or a m&p9c from time to time. I live in a fairly low area for crime, rural Wisconsin, soI doubt I will ever need it. I do think about getting a small 1911 type gun to carry but they seem a little pricey to just beat up as a carry gun.
  3. Let me preference this by saying I’m only a b class shooter. Major scoring is a big advantage for me as alpha/charlie very quickly is more fun and easier than concerning myself with trying to get two alpha. It’s just easier to confirm an acceptable sight picture at any distance when a risk of a charlie is ok. Someone could come along and say this is bunk and I couldn’t argue it but I value the fun factor and still hold my own locally and don’t embarrass myself at majors. Major is just easier to get a better hit factor a vast percentage of the stages.
  4. I have never had to go to my backup and doubt I will. I am actually trying to sell mine currently because I’ve decided it’s just a waste. I’ll probably still take along something that will qualify as a backup but I cannot see the sense of having two limited guns when my main one never gives me any grief. Probably just screwed myself bu saying that and selling (trying) my other.
  5. Slow turn and draw. It still happens before your ready, even the second time after a reminder not to repeat the mistake. The guy was an old cadger that was simply having too much fun. I felt bad dqing him even the second time. I still see him at matches three years later from time to time but am happy to have not been on his squad.
  6. Same guy draw before turning, gun pointed directly at me (the ro), at two different matches over the course of one summer. I waited until he turned past me both times to stop him. Both time he turned back facing me with the gun out to see why I stopped him. I dqed him both times. I would no longer ro for the guy. Of course it was idpa.
  7. I have only had leading when of the following three mistakes were made. I have done all three of these at some point while learning. If I had batch that leaded I shot a few full metal jacket rounds at the bottom of each magazine and the leading was shot out. Glad someone gave me that tip. 1) undersized bullets-these will lead without anyway I know of to avoid it 2) too much crimp-it can be caused this by simply crimping too much and by swagging a softer lead bullet with a lee factory crimp die. I like using lee factory crimp dies but this is something to be aware
  8. My Svi will slide off if I try to remove it. I have not had a single issue and just assumed it’s fine as is.
  9. +1 for going back to just two divisions
  10. I got a great deal on a pair of stars a few years ago. The only way to practice for one without shooting one would be to trap any other moving target. The fastest but most risky way of clearing a star is to start at the bottom and work around and up the opposite side. The best way is top down, fairly fast and relatively safe. The only thing similar to shooting them as them as they come around that I can think of is waiting for a grouse to clear a pine tree in order to drop the bird. Hope this helps.
  11. I cast my own 165 grain bullets for .40 major. While they are snappier than 180’s and 200’s I have tried (in different but similar guns), they are still softer than factory .40. I like the way they shoot well enough and highly doubt they cause me to lose any stage time on the competition. I push them using titegroup which is a fairly smoky combo. The only way I would consider switching is if I was given a free 180-200 grain mold, but don’t see that happening. I use a 2011 so 165 may very well be a bit snappy out of a plastic offering, just a guess.
  12. This is the way I set the first leg as well.
  13. I'm going to preface this by stating "this is only my opinion". I believe that production was intended to be an entry level division. Something a new guy could shoot with his carry gun or range blaster without getting smoked for shooting limited minor. The time progressed and shooters began to game the system in place. People were going out to purchase imported guns for a perceived/real advantage. Others modifying their guns and still others doing both. I do not believe this rule change was intended to address this issue but as an added side effect it may have done so. I thin
  14. I like the change of rules. I feel this allows the plastic guns to compete at a closer to level field. Now that the triggers can be modified fully the may even have an advantage since they do not have to deal with the pesky double action first shot. The steel guns will still have a weight advantage. Nothing changes at the end of the day though as the Indian is still far more important than the arrow.
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