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  1. 72stick


    Well, it looks like they will not be a deep cover CCW option for me. https://www.full30.com/embed/MDE4NDk0
  2. 72stick

    Mbx base pads

    On another thread I talk about my experience with the MBX extensions. I let them set overnight with 20 and mine will hold 21 rounds, but I don't think mine will lock into the grip with 21. There's no room left to compress the spring. They are easily 20 reloadable .40SW mags.
  3. I can do that if you would like, but I'll add that I've been in contact with Adrian at MBX. He was very responsive to my concerns and surprised I had to remove that much material to get the mag to accept 21 rounds. I'm not sure why mine needed so much tuning. I would suggest before you remove as much material as I did you test fit the follower. Adrian said, normally all that is needed is "cleaning up the edge and excessive plastic inside the tube let us know if u have any other concerns or issues". So, maybe the latest version of the Glock 22/35 .40 SW follower is a little different.
  4. Both mag extensions fit the gage no problem.
  5. Yes I do. Good thought. I'll check it and report.
  6. Holy Crap! I checked the mags and I can get 21 in them. It's tight, but they take 21. I can't wait to test these mags with 20 rounds reloadable and do some drills.
  7. I pulled the trigger on buying two MBX 140mm extensions and springs from Shootersconnection. I also bought two new G22/35 mags for the conversion. I trimmed and smoothed the transition areas in the 1stmag tube and tuned the follower edges. I had a lot of trouble getting the first mag with the MBX extension and spring to load more than 18 rounds. After battling with this mag for an hour with no improvement, I took a break. I called SC and the tech suggested what I’d already done. I tried to find a customer support number for MBX. All I could find was an email address when I selected “contact us” from their website. I called SC again and asked if they had a number for MBX. Nope, MBX only accepts email. SC offered to email them for me. They asked MBX if there’s anything else to do that would help me load the full 20 rounds and cc: me. I went back to the bench and tried loading the mag and extension with the factory Glock spring. As I got to the 18th round, I felt the follower jump. Even though I had removed material on the follower and rounded the edges, it was still hanging on the edge of the extension. I removed the follower and tuned it some more, actually a lot more than I did for either the Dawson or Taylor Freelance extensions. I put the mag back together with the Glock spring and this time it took 20 rounds. It actually had some room to compress the Glock spring. I crossed my fingers and put the MBX spring in and loaded the mag. It took all 20 rounds using my maglula and it also had a little room to compress the spring. I removed the 20thround and was able to re-insert the round with my thumb. Knowing how much material has to be removed from the follower, the other mag was a snap assembling with the MBX extension and spring. I’m going to let them both set overnight fully loaded with 20 rounds. I’m hoping tomorrow these mags will both be 20 reloadable. Woohoo!
  8. Normally if everything runs you're correct, but there's always the chance a mag could malfunction early in the stage. Stage may get trashed and I'll never win the Cadillac, but I like to finish the stages. Plus the biggest handicap is the 22 round stages where the 9mm doesn't need to reload at all. As I said earlier in this thread, this is not the best caliber for CO. I've always liked this gun. It started life as a TTI G34 and I use that slide on this gun as my backup for my 3gun 2011. I tried 40 lite in Production a few years back with the G34 slide. I loved the low recoil and the accuracy just gets better as you go down in PF. I'm using that same load for this CO gun and it's a tack driver at 28 yards. A zone hits are stupid easy.
  9. Wow! Now that's a cool idea. Keep one stock mag gassed up with major ammo for the Barny round and then gas up the other mags with minor ammo. Hopefully, I won't need too, but it's kinda cool.
  10. Yeah, I set it up to run minor in CO. I had the G22 set up as an open gun years ago. I pulled the KKM barrel/comp and magwell off and put the original G22 barrel back in to make it fit CO division. I'd rather have a G17 for CO, but this is what I have. I've been shooting limited and 3gun for the last 4 or 5 years with 2011s. I wantta mix it up a little and try CO with this G22 to see if I like.
  11. Only thing I can think of that might get another round into the mag with the MBX extension would be how the spring collapses in on itself. I called Dawson Precision and ask how to get the gun to run with 20 in the mag using their extension. The tech said try cutting half a coil off one spring and see if that gets you running. Before I tried that I pulled all the mags apart with the Dawson extensions and switched extensions and springs around till it seemed easier to load 20. I found one combo I could get the 20th round into easier, but it was still really tight in the gun. I don't think it would cycle like that. I took the one mag spring combo that felt the best and cut half a coil off. That made it a little better, but I still wasn't happy. I removed the slide and polished the lug that has to slide over the next round as the gun cycles and then strips the round off the top of the mag. Between switching the springs around, cutting half a coil off on the best one of the bunch and polishing the lug in the slide, I think it will cycle with 20 in that one mag. I doubt it will ever be a 20 reloadable mag. My weather sux right now, so I can't really test it, but I can cycle the gun by hand with a dummy in the chamber and 20 dummy rounds in one mag.
  12. Thx! Interesting that Shooters Connection has the MBX extensions and MBX doesn't show them on their website.
  13. All I really need is one mag that functions with 20 to start with, so I'll have 20+1. I can reload to the 19 round mags. Reloading to 20 would be better, but I can live with only 19 if I could get one to function with 20.
  14. I have the Dawson and Taylor Freelance base pads. The mags will take 20 but are too tight to feed the first round. I can only get 19 reloadable after letting them sit loaded overnight. What else do you guys do to free up that 20th round?
  15. I checked the MBX website and they only talk about their base pads used on the 9mm mags. I couldn't find anything talking about using their extensions on the 40 mags?
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