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New SoCal USPSA/IPSC Club (*Affiliation in process)

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Hi all,

Starting in January, on the 2nd Sunday of the month, Prado Running Gun will be hosting a USPSA/IPSC match at Prado Olympic Shooting Park.

PRG is a new Southern California USPSA club who's goal is to provide an additional venue for the shooting public.

For the inaugural match, we'll have the following:

6 stages including classifier

BBQ provided by Prado Olympic Shooting park

Cash Pay back

PRG Challenge board (details can be found on www.prg-ipsc.com or follow us on facebook.)

150-200 rounds

Match fee:

Adults $30

Juniors $15

Exact change appreciated :) Cash only please ;)

Sign up starts at 0800, shooting starts at 0830.

Open Squadding


Hope to see you all soon!!

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Less than 1 week till the inaugural match. :D

Just to answer a few questions:

  • This is NOT a lost brass match. Please be considerate if there is a squad waiting for your squad to finish a stage. You are welcome to pick up your brass after the match is done.

  • If you need to function fire/test your gun, please see Dale or Jimmy who operate the handgun side of Prado Olympic Shooting Park and they will direct you to bay 4. Bay 4 is reserved for the range and not the match but if it is unoccupied, Jimmy and Dale will gladly help you out.

  • Safety areas (Area where gun handling is allowed. NO AMMO IN THIS AREA) are available but will have limited access due to it being in the area where a stage will be setup. Also, any bay where you are the only person furthest down range is considered a safe area. Please do not handle your guns in the covered area of the range.

  • There will be a short safety briefing to cover some of the Prado Olympic Shooting Park rules and some of the club rules. We will also introduce the match staff so you know who to look for to lodge complaints/comments/praise or to hang if the match is horrible. We are open for bribes if you want your score changed. :D

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Safariland has agreed to be the supplier of loaner holster and magazine pouches for the club.

If you don't have a holster or mag pouches we are now equipped to loan these to you for the match.

Contact us to see if we have what you need. If you're short on magazines, we can acquire a few for you to use during the match.

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PRG Staff, Great job and an incredible Match.

Could not ask for any more, WoW!! Johnny Lim of Limcat plus Jojo and Claudia Vidanes of JVDynamics were competiting.

6 Fun and Exciting stages, 80+happy competitors, Friendly and Experienced mentors for new shooters, Free loaner Holsters and Mag pouches (thanks Safariland), Great Range with fantastic ownership and management plus a Tasty Lunch off the Grill.

Most of all the hard working and friendly staff of Prado Running Gun.


Again, Good Job and see you next month for more.

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What a day! 80+ shooters showed up for the match and free BBQ courtesy of Prado Olympic Shooting Park. Scores will be posted soon. We didn't have a chance to input scores while the match was running. We were too busy running around making sure the stages were in good order. We'll have videos up on the website soon.

We learned quite a few things with our first match.

We have to apologize but the wait times are something we can't control due to the volume of shooters.

If you have any other suggestion, please let us know and we will take it into consideration.

Thank you all for supporting PRG IPSC. We are aiming to be a permanent fixture in the shooting community for a long time.

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Scores and pictures are up on the PRG-IPSC website. Scores will be posted to the USPSA Area 2 and USPSA website shortly.

We'll have more content on the website soon, so keep checking back often.

Again, thanks to all that showed up.

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