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  1. Good Morning all! Great to read all this discussion about Steel Challenge. I love the idea of More stage designs as well as bringing the option of the old stages. Double Trouble and zig zag was a favorite. Here's some of our SCSA struggles as we started a new club earlier this year at SWPL We only have 6 bays. our first match ran 8 with 2 bays "sharing" the stages. We accomplished this by setting up all steel and stands on the shared stages and lay the stage down and raise the other ones It works but slows down the match Requires a healthy amount of range staff to help the unfamiliar (Limited in our club) We reverted back to 6 stage match We don't have much crossover from the hugely successfull USPSA match the club runs Bay depth, We are fortunate to have 1 bay to accomodate Outer limits or Speed option. Width was challenge but made it work. Biggest challenge is increase interest and assistance in marketing. Any input from the members here to increase attendance is much appreciated.
  2. Great question! I Co-MD our monthly match here in So. Cal. Check out the vids we compiled for the new to USPSA shooter. Hope it helps.. http://www.prg-ipsc.com/site/getting-started-videos/
  3. Happens everywhere. We've noticed after the shooter completed their run. There is a tendency to go back uprange at spectator area, clean mags, load mags and tend to watch from there. That could happen 2-3 shooters later, oops! The squad is done, no need to help. Solution: During Pre match safety briefing. "When the shooter is finished with their stage, please remain on stage to help reset and tape, there is plenty of time between stages to clean and load mags since the next stage is likely occupied." Seems to work...
  4. I found a pic of our old Chip McCormick 2011 with Custom compensator with Early CMore Slide Ride. Circa 1992 By Don Kehoe of GRSC
  5. Bob, at SWPL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Shooters, sorry to hijack, since we are on this topic, Please Help me out with a quick survey...... Would any So cal shooters be interested in an SCSA sanctioned Club again? Genuine 8 stages, not a "fun" or "outlaw" steel match. Reason why is mysellf and few core shooters are in talks with a popular club in starting a Steel Challenge club in So Cal / Los Angeles area. (No, not at Piru) Here's why we like it: Excellent gateway to action shooting/ IPSC/ USPSA/ IDPA Teaches ALOT for the shooter. Index, transitions Etc. Allows Rimfire! Unlike our USPSA / IDPA clubs Physical attributes not critical. Young and old can shoot it Challenging Bring it back to California Please chime in with your input. Thanks in advance
  7. EAA Witness Circa 1993 by Kevin Toothman 9x21 BTW this one is for sale to the right collector. Virgin, never fired.. Set up with WCPI carbon/aluminum PDP3 mount. Modern Cmore should fit nicely..
  8. I would say about 92 from Junn Badua. You can see his inspiration was Jim Boland...
  9. Maybe from Shest one.....
  10. My late friend Dennis Cruz always said. "Tape is included with your match fee" More recently, the best result is preemptive expectation, we had the "big guy" 6 foot 7 act as squad mom before match start and friendly state the squad requirements. The newly Finished shooter has plenty of time to clean and load mags before the next stage, since we wait for the next one usually (So can't use that as excuse not to help). Then encourage all help so we get out quick.
  11. Jigsaw. Depending where you are in CA. and assuming you are USPSA shooter.. Want to shoot EVERY Weekend? We got it covered.. Here's what we have in So. Cal www.jvdynamics.com www.lineadefuego.info www.prg-ipsc.com http://www.gopherflats.net/gopher_files/swpl.htm www.discoverpracticalshooting.wordpress.com Nor Cal. http://www.richmondhotshots.com/ At least these are the ones I go to.. Chuck S. has good advice there.. Believe it or not , alot of shooters here are LTD, Open shooters. All the divisions are covered here.. look at the results www.uspsa2.org Welcome!
  12. My "go-to" 9 Minor load.. I agree with above suggestions..
  13. As a long time open shooter, I have been interested in this subject also.. Binary Eng. does pique my interest though.. John, I believe you agree as I will be trying this new comp and see how it works..... Back to OP topic.. only YOU can make that decision. Because you shoot it, if you want to have a flat gun to show your friends, You can do that too... My friend Justin just made a super flat gun, but, his comp is definitely heavier than most, he has big hands.. etc. Think of it this way, the Best shooters in the world IE: USPSA = Max. he uses a Trubor T2... go figure...
  14. Jared, question on your compensator dimensions please. What is Outside diameter? I ask to find out if it is slightly oversize so smith can blend/machine to slide cleanly. Thank you!
  15. Make sure to buy really good magnets. I think they are rare earth magnets or something like that? They need to grip the mag so hard that it will not fall off while running. Mags get pretty heavy. I have a DAA magnet that the only way to get my STI mags off is to pull them straight up. You can't just pull them off easily. That type of magnet might cost a little more. And yes, you need to cover it when not in use. A buddy turned me on to a thick rubber pipe cap from Lowe's. Everything will stick to the danged thing if you don't keep it covered well. Scratches the hell out of your truck too! Nice call. I'm in the Automotive Paint protection Film industry and a nice piece of PPF works well on the magnet....
  16. We do have 15+ round production division. called Limited (Minor)
  17. Nice Jared! Keep it up.. Same for the EVO
  18. You definitely have thought this through.... Questions for you. 1. Is it within your means? 2. Do you actually Like the gun? Or is it the mere of the "Idea" of having the 1911 pistol 3. Would you call yourself a Shooter or Collector? ​ 3. I'm one of those annoying tactical guys who has to have a purpose for every weapon. My AR is an AR. My 10/22 is a trainer and varmint gun. My Glock is my carry weapon and bedside companion. What the heck would a 1911 be? Whatever you would like it to be.... There is is reason this 100+ year old design is used in many facets of shooting today, Defensive or Sport. Have you tried a 9mm 1911? If not, It may be in order.... 4. Would training with the 1911 detract from my trigger time with my Glock? If you train to use a pistol as a tool, you will understand the essence of pistol shooting and won't matter what is in your hand at that time. I understand and appreciate preferences as any shooter has, including myself Good luck!
  19. Someone told me the best compensator is: Then again, I only use Trubor T2....
  20. Hi! Welcome to the most addicting game ever! Do you have a vid to share? Is it an open target? At what distance? Daves_not_ touched on it. Are you Double tapping the target? if so, Think Individual Shots in fast succession. Enjoy..
  21. Sorry, but many top shooters/instructors advocate exactly the opposite- punching the gun in the straight line from the holster to the resting spot (or very close to that).That actually worked very well for me switching from the "L" shape draw. I would say try to get your weak hand on your gun faster and closer to the holster- that tip helped me to reduce my draw time significantly. Basically I try to get a both hand grip as soon as the gun clears the holster. Try it. How about this: Rounded off corner, if my pic made sense. Yes, there is a slight pause while down on the pistol. I like to have muzzle cant forward just a hair. So the grip is parallel to the belt. Your hand at full grip will be at more relaxed angle. Try this micro drill to speed up the draw. Alot could be reaction to the beep: Set timer at 0.40 and practice from surrender to the gun within par time. After a few dozen tries, do the full surrender draw.
  22. Should I change over to RTS2?

  23. Ughhh. Upgrade to different platform that has the weight / swing weight you desire?
  24. Per USPSA Rules. Double Action pistols must be hammer "down" (Not cocked in Single) since the 92fs pistol set in Single action has no safety engaged or available .
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