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Hey everyone! Ive been a member here for a few months and have done quite a bit of lurking about. I can already tell this is a fantastic forum. I was able to go to watch a match or two at the end of this year and am looking forward to starting competitions myself in the spring. Going to be shooting Single Stack (as I already have a 1911 that I love to shoot-its also one of my carry guns and I want to be more proficient with it) and possibly Production class if i get a burr up my butt and buy a 9mm this winter :). Anyway, thought Id say hello. I'm sure you'll be seeing a few threads with newbish questions over the next few months, so bare with me on my path of learning. Its sure to be a fun journey!!!

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There are plenty of people here to help you. Welcome to the board.

Don't wait till Spring to shoot. Any place around that has a match indoors?

Even IDPA if you have too.... :rolleyes:

not sure about any indoor matches, ill have to check area clubs. thanx for the welcome, I feel so loved.. :)

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