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  1. I just looked for the 44Mag S&W magazines and they are listed at $59.00. Oldtrooper
  2. Toolguy, The mover was at the Post Office when I got home from the Cup. The wife had a trip planned for Florida and we were gone for a week. The mover looks fine and a good thank you from me. Billie
  3. I would like a Black for a revolver. Thanks, Billie Hughes P.O.Box 491 McComb, MS 39649
  4. Warren, I sent the money for a stick shift about five weeks ago. Do you know when they will be ready to ship? Thanks, Billie Hughes ( Oldtrooper )
  5. Happy Birthday Mike. Hopefully now that another year has passed you can spend a little time working on guns. oldtrooper Billie Hughes
  6. I have loaded and shot a large number of Bear Creek Molly bullets over several years. They work great given the right load and they are very accurate. I shoot 38's, 9mm, and 45's. The 45's are my favorite consistantly hold the Xring at 50 yards. The smoke is minimal with the black bullets and when you take the time to work up different loads they are extremely accurate. The barrel does not load up with crud even after shooting numerous rounds at a setting. These are being shot through a 5 inch 45 that has been tuned by an expert. Other than that it is the usual 45 with adjustable sights, nothing fancy that shows from the outside. Oldtrooper
  7. Working as a state trooper I pulled a speeding vehicle over on a two lane state highway. The driver stopped quickley and pulled over on a short stretch of shoulder that had too much slope from the edge of the pavement. The vehicle was left with a slight slope toward the ditch. He got out and slammed the door and turned to face me as the passenger( most likely the wife) was trying to slide over and exit out the same side. The driver stepped back, opened the door and told her to stay inside. He turned to walk toward me and she started pushing the door open again. He stepped back and loudly stated stay in the car and slammed the door and turned away again. I could hear her yelling and he stepped back and opened the door, her finger had been caught in the door but pulled free when he opened the door to tell her to stay inside. She started screaming and shaking her hand and I could see small specks of blood hitting the windshield inside. He looked back when he heard the yelling then turned back to face me, I said "Mister the traffic ticket I was about to issue you will pale in comparison to what you will face when you get back inside. Have a nice day sir." I got in my unit, backed around and drove away>
  8. Only one hat was shown in the above all the rest are caps, not hats.
  9. Welcome! You will find plenty of shooters around. We have an active club in Amite County that has the full Bianchi set-up (Mover,Plates,Practical,and Barricade) range. We have two matches each month until deer season starts. I really liked to shoot the Mississippi Classic but when it was moved to late in May that caused a problem in that the Bianchi Cup begins the following week and several of us have been shooting the cup for years. If you would like to come down and shoot with us just let me know and I will arrange for a place to meet and take you to the range. oldtrooper
  10. I have been using a Dawson Adjustable for sometime and it has been great. I also have the Dawson front sight with the fiber optic but finally took the fiber out painted the back of the sight red and kept the hole open after painting it red. Works great for me. The open hole shows up as white on the plates. That works better for me as the red fiber insert seems too bright for me when shooting in bright sunlight.
  11. Another vote for Bob Jones. He can do both revolvers and semi-autos. All his work is top of the line. He has been building Border Patrol PPC guns for sometime.
  12. Welcome fellow Mississippian. There are other good shooting related sites but Brian's is the best.
  13. Having missed only two since 1991, both due to family matters, I don't plan to miss this one. I'LL BE THERE !!!
  14. KAHR P9 and it works really well carried in an Uncle Mikes's Sidekick inside the waist ban holster size 36. The holster is inside the pants and the clip goes over the pants and under the belt. It has a notch on the inside of the clip that the belt causes the notch to press into the cloth and there is a notch on the outside of the clip that fits below the belt when the clip is placed over the top of the pants and the notch is at the bottom of the clip which goes under the belt and the notch on the outside of the clip helps prevent the clip from riding up. I have tried several others and have found this pistol and holster combination to work the best. Easy to draw and not that difficult to re holster but the pistol is the size that can be dropped into the pocket if necessary after using. The pistol holds nine rounds with one in the chamber and with some hot nines it will do the job. Oldtrooper
  15. I have started to pick up some range brass with the Blazer head stamp in .45 and they are for small primers. I was loading .45's and the large primers would not go. The brass looks to be possibly once fired due to the bright finish, they had been run through my tumbler. I'll load them with small primers and see how they perform. Anyone run into these?
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