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  1. Thank you. I will pick up some replacement screws. Think I will get an ez out (if I don't already have one). The fit on these is atrocious.
  2. Rear sight set screws. What size Allen key? I have tried a set of both metric and sae Allen keys (brand new), and I cannot find a key that fits. The one metric that sort of fits is so loose I will not attempt to use it for fear of stripping. Gun is new, never been molested prior...
  3. Prefer 200 gr or 230 gr for IDPA out of a 625? Never used anything but factory 230 gr FMJs. Any issues with RNFP in a revolver, or stick with RN profile?
  4. You have to have an account and be signed in to get the build it option, but all it really does is give you add on's. You still have to individually sort through with change plates,. Dies, etc.
  5. With aimpoints and such, the dots look like a bunch of grapes, with a few hanging down to the left. It doesn't appear round at all to me, and is distracting. Hoping these don't go the same way for me.
  6. Good to know. I have a pair of prescription Oakley's, though are not progressive lenses like my daily wear. It will be interesting to see what happens with those. Might have to get another with progressives (bifocals). It sucks getting old.
  7. Thanks guys. I figured the 5 would be a little easier to pick up. I will ask to see some dots at the next match, maybe even luck out and someone has an SRO. Also looking at a RMR, maybe I will luck out there too.
  8. 1 Moa, 2.5, or 5 for USPSA Carry optics. Anyone have side by side actual experience with the above mentioned dot sizes? I have nowhere local to check them out, so I am looking for some input. 1 Moa seems small, but again, no experience. I wear corrective lenses, astigmatism, and first time ever purchasing a reflex sight for a pistol, if that helps.
  9. I did not consider the crossover between 45 and 9mm with Same primer size. Something to think about if/when I start loading 9mm. I am wondering if smaller primers would lend themselves to better ignition due to smaller surface area-less metal to deform in the cup, therefore more energy to compress the anvil. Maybe it's the other way around, I don't know. I think I am getting way into the weeds here, as I am just starting back up, so a super light trigger pull and primer ignition should be very far outof my mind at this moment. But I threw it out there for discussion
  10. Ohioguy

    45 ACP brass

    Any 45 brass in the near future?
  11. At a point in time, I reloaded 45 acp, and never had to deal with small and large primer pockets. Now, aparently, there is such a thing. It's been awhile... Revolvers, specifically a 625, fully stock right now. Trigger job is down the road, but a sure thing. Is there a benefit to using one or the other with revolvers? I know federal primers are preferred for lighter trigger pulls, but does size matter? Looking at reloaders currently, haven't decided on a model yet, would appreciate some guidance. Had a XL550, but hated it, primer issues. Not dedicated to a bra
  12. Thanks two shoes. I am a glutton for punishment. I kind of got hooked on revolver when I first started shooting USPSA. While I have a shadow 2 for production if I so chose, I prefer revolver. Watching JM shoot, then running into a few guys at Rayner's Range who also shot revolver pretty well helped me lean that way. I started out with a G17, sold that rig, and set up a 625 rig, which is long gone now, unfortunately, and now trying to replicate it.
  13. Been out of the loop for a long period of time, so I thought I would say hello. Going to get back into USPSA again, as I left due to obligations of work and family several years ago. Currently contemplating guns to make the return (leaning revolver). I live in North Central Ohio, recently joined Tusco Rifle Club in New Philly. Haven't shot much in the last 7 or so years, so looking to get back out on the range. In the past, I have shot at clubs like crooked Creek Ashtabula and Rayner's down south. Maybe I will see some of you on the range.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I spoke with with a co-worker who owns a TS. Spoke highly of it action wise, but fit and finish left something to be desired. With that freshly in my mind, I stopped by a shop last night and stumbled upon a Urban Grey Shadow 2. It followed me home.
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