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New Millenium Limited Gun

Lee King

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I don't have a good way to weigh it. It is very light though. I'm a little fuzzy on some of the details because Derek had already built it when I called. It had a different grip originally that was more stock with a little stipling and no undercuts.

Here is what I know it has:

Nowlin barrel in .40

Obviously a bushing barrel.

Aftec extractor

Ed Brown ambi-safety

EGW Ejector

Doug Koenig hammer

Stainless guide rod (may switch for Tungsten after I shoot it)

Aluminum ICE Magwell (again, I may add some weight back with a SS after I get to shoot it)

The original grip was grey with solder gun stipling. I had him switch it for his "gorilla grip" with the skateboard tape.

Flat mainspring housing.

Dawson FO front sight with a plain STI (I believe) rear.

This is my first limited gun and first .40. I just got my press and have components on the way so I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet.

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I'm going to hang my head low. Aside from running ammo over the cron, this past weekend was the first time I shot it "for real". :wacko:

It was a great learning lesson for me. I probably had the worst finish since I started shooting. Having said that, the most important lesson I learned is to ZERO THE GUN BEFORE SHOOTING A MATCH!!! :blink: I was fine on paper. However, the MD did some truly evil things like, run 2 stars on a single stage (one had to be shot through a low barrel, another around a barricade). There were 3 plates, 2 poppers, and a plate rack on another. The classifier was one of the new ones with, you guessed it, 2 poppers. Tons of steel. The gun was shooting high and left. Just enough to make it a hit or miss proposition for me on steel (at the time I had no clue where it was shooting though).

Sunday I went to the range and spent a lot of quality time sigthing in and practicing on plates. The gun is an absolute blast to shoot. The slide cycles super fast. It has just a smidge more recoil than I had hoped. But, compared to my .45 it's much lighter than I'm used to. I have a tungsten guide rod on order. I think that will add just the right amount of weight up front to bring it to where I want to be for my level of shooting. By the end of my session, I had it dialed in so that I could shoot 1 for 1 on a steel plate from the back of the bay (25 yards). This is something I was never able to do with my Kimber. I left the range with a huge grin on my face feeling much more confident than I ever have on steel.

Someone had asked how much the trigger weighed. I didn't have a gauge at the time. A friend of mine did have one and I finally got to check it. It is a very consistent 2 lbs.

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The ironic thing about gun weight is when I was a C-B class shooter I wanted a heavy stable long dustcover gun with a tungsten guide rod. Now as an Master I want a short dustcover gun with a titanium guide rod.

You have a work of art that will out shoot you and grow with you for many years. Enjoy

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