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  1. Hey Kevin,


    Do you have a discount code for Rudy RX?  Thank You.


    Fraternally yours



  2. Rudy Projects impactX are all ansi rated and tested. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  3. We are looking into coming back guys. Stay tuned! We have good stuff coming.
  4. Wow. I never expected Salomons to be so popular. When I looked for a better shoe because my feet hurt after a few hours at any match I went to. I started buying different shoes. I bought 8 different pairs but when I tried the Salomons the comfort was fantastic and the traction was really good. It just so happen Salomon and Rudy Project do business together so that is how it happened. Salomon sponsored my teams and we promoted them on FB. I think it has to do with the quality of shoe because people are not going to spend that kind of money on things that do not work. Not ever shoe is for everyone and there are some really good alternatives like inov8s but overall I like the more sturdiness of the Salomons. They are now coming out with Police and Military shoes and boots. Thanks for liking Salomons they are a great bunch of guys!
  5. Hello IDPA shooters, We are interested in bringing IDPA shooters to our team as sponsored shooters. Great sponsorship package with a growing team and national company. Requirements - - Must shoot at least 5 majors per year - Master level or Expert level if a Junior - Outgoing personality Goodies - - Free product XX2i - Cash Reward program - Industry sponsors, free and discounted products. To apply please send your information to Jeff at want2shoot@gmail.com
  6. Please keep all advertising in the Rudy Dealer area. Mods...
  7. I do not suggest these hotels - Trust me - When that train comes by in the night your going to think your under attack. Try Sealy hotels or far west houston Hotels.
  8. Given what I've seen and experienced, you're wrong on the traction angle - I've watched several folks slide around on Speedcross 3s and other folks in Mudclaws do just fine on the same surface, using similar technique (talking top level shooters here, as well). Don't know how you could estimate quality, given that no one I've seen reports from has had quality problems with either? its cause he is sponsored by them and spewing there propaganda around the forum again Your wrong - I bought mine full price before our teams were sponsored. I am wearing speedcross 2 the original pair I bought from zappos.com After testing them against the rocs I liked them better for comfort and traction. We received sponsorship after we started talking about them. Both shoes are good it depends on what you like - try both.
  9. I have used the Shooters Connection Range Bag for years matter of fact since I started shooting. The only issue I have is they last so long so you better choose the right color!!
  10. I think this year will be the best ever!! I know we are sending lots of goodies for shooters and Robert puts on a great match!!! Plus there is that Texas Roadhouse mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
  11. Those shoes are considered minimalist style and the less the better is the idea due to allot runners wanting to run as close to barefoot as possible. If you want more support more traction and better quality try these - http://www.zappos.com/salomon-speedcross-3-black-black-silver-metallic-x
  12. The comp is a Dawson/Pruit design.
  13. Greg - You gotta talk to Shay about his CZ Shadow Custom Guns. Call him and discuss it. You will be surprised.
  14. Shay has SV Open barrels in stock now - 4 weeks to deliver. If you order a gun that he needs to get a barrel for from SV then it is 6-8 weeks.
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