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Mrs. Bender Still Has A Job!


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Teachers...one of Americas most important resources, yet many people think, and vote otherwise.

My lovely wife, after being 1/4 the way through her first year of teaching, was informed that she would lose her job if the school levy failed.

I am exceptionally proud to say...that with a margin of 213 votes...


Greater than a win at Nationals, my better half gets to continue to follow her life's work and continue educating the future of our great country. :)

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Just be sure she doesn't explain the meaning of the second amendment to students until she has received tenure, professional status, or whatever they call the job security threshold in your state that prevents discretionary non-renewal of employment.

And Wilmington, although rather fridged towards protecting their children's education, is filled with 2nd Amendment, freedom loving people ;)

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My wife is also a teacher, she's in her second year. There was a point last year where it looked like she may have to leave her job as well, so I'm glad to hear that your wife gets to keep her job as well.

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