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  1. An incredibly talented individual and great USPSA president who spelled his name "Voigt" (no "H")
  2. I think I had a dialysis cath in my belly at the nationals since I started out on Peritoneal Dialysis.
  3. Colonoscopy saved my father's life. I've had a few...no problems. Was lights out both times. I was planning on scheduling one soon, but have to delay because the kidney that I had on back order arrived and is in its new home.
  4. Please consider signing up to be an organ donor, and communicating that wish to your family members. After 6+ years on dialysis, I got "the call" Friday afternoon. They started cutting at Midnight on 9/8, and by 5:30AM I had a new kidney from a 24 year old woman whose family saw fit to allow donation. For someone of my age (60) to get an organ that young is called hitting the jackpot. Two doctors advised me to buy a lottery ticket on the way in for surgery.
  5. If you like dogs, buy the SVI. It is a definitely a dog friendly company. - I was in Sandy Strayer's pickup when his wife was driving and he started yelling at her to pull over. He saw a dog walking down a road in the middle of nowhere TX and thought it looked hungry, so he gave the dog half of the sandwich he was eating. - Brandon Strayer heard about a baby bulldog (English, not pit) that was about to be put down because it was born with a cleft lip and palette, but he could get for "free". He adopted the dog and paid over $1000 for the surgery to save its life - and it is now happily hanging around the factory.
  6. The "calendar year" approach was used to keep things simple and easy to explain - no worry about scores "rolling off" as each new run was done. Zack did some more examination, and changed it to "current plus two previous calendar years". This was not a technical issue (it would be trivial to use a rolling window). We will be adding a "top 20 in division" as well as statistics on where you rank overall (within division) and in class (for a division). This will be a ranking but, unlike the old ranking system, will not be a "synthetic match" calculated using all 8 SC-### stages. Zack is the point person for policy issues, so please contact him with any suggestions for refinement of the system. And yes, we will working with the Practiscore developers to add an "auto import" of classifications into that program.
  7. Rick (USPSA HQ based webmaster) and I were on-line last night and watching as waitlist signups rolled in. They also appear to be on the classification page. If you contact rick@uspsa.org he can help you. You can try rob@boudrie.com, but I am only going to be online until about noon today - if I hear from you by then, I can check for you as long as you include your USPSA member number.
  8. As of 10:50 62 Limited 90 Open/Limited 10 57 Production
  9. Have you looked into home hemo? If you can get your doc to get you home hemo, nocturnal, and get authorization for every other day rather than 3x/week you will lower your statistical mortality significantly over 3x/week in-center. Ask your doc what the studies say (funny, they all know this but never seem to volunteer the info). And then, there is always the option of short daily which is also much better from a mortality rate than 3x/in center.
  10. My shooting has sucked for years, but I still have fun. I started PD last July 2, but it proved inadequate in January and I had to transition to HD. I feel pretty fortunate as I am able to deal with the symptoms and don't experience the extreme fatigue that has been reported by many, plus I was able to get mentally prepared as I had 17 years notice. The surprise nature of the transition necessitated a femoral line followed by a vas cath with the fistula coming later (after some other issues are resolved and I am ready to be surged - already had the mapping done), so I am absolutely precluded from rifle shooting for a few months minimum but can still handgun. Since I am stuck in-center until I transition to nocturnal in-center and then home hemo, most Area 7 match registrations get processed from "the chair". Gets loads of funny looks from the staff when they have a room full of patients zoning out, and I set up a board I bring to make a desk, laptop, letter opener, file box, stapler and get to work. On a side note - if you are a candidate for PD, consider giving it a go. I'd gladly give all the guns in my safe to be able to give up HD and move back to PD - and my safe is dang full. At the last board meeting, I was connected to a PD drain bag in my laptop case as we carried on discussions - and others either didn't notice or were too polite to comment. My advice is "be your own best advocate". Learn all you can about the different flavors of dialysis, and don't expect your doc or clinic to tell you everything - for example, have you been told about the tremendous increase in mortality caused by the typical US use of 3 day/week treatment instead of every other day (EOD)? That three day gap can be a killer. Any doc will confirm that if asked, but few will volunteer that they are offering you clearly sub-optimal treatment based on a cost/.benefit calculation driven by medicare guidelines (as all dialysis patients are medicare after 30 months of treatment regardless of age). There are multiple models of home machines available, each with various choices in modality of operation. Learn about every one of them, and consider becoming a home hemo patient for both a better medical outcome and lifestyle improvements. I have to transition to fistula before doing this, however, it is in my plan and my doc has promised to make it happen.
  11. You never know when you will change from "prospective donor" to "prospective donee". It can happen to anyone - yes, even you. Trust me on this one. See my resignation notice on www.uspsa.org for details.
  12. CED is looking for someone to test out the USPSA EzWinScore integration feature of their 7000 Pro timer. In return for providing feedback, and continuing testing with new EzWinScore "pre-releases" until the bugs are worked out, this person will receive a FREE CED 7000 Pro timer, courtesy of CED. Please contact me via PM if you are interested.
  13. I noticed you left the mag release button off (photo in post #2) - just curious why. (It looks a lot better with the mag release button as it covers the opening behind the button nicely and is an integral part of the grip system, not really an add-on or extension). It also prevents the mag release button from being manipulated out of place when the magazine is out of the gun.
  14. Let us know how that turns out. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. Here is what happened, and what we did about it: - If someone did not pay immediately, the system marked them as having missed the payment timeframe (this happened to 47 waitlist entries). This was a coding error - it was supposed to mark unpaid entries 3 days later, and the timespan was incorrectly calculated in the SQL (unix_timestamp vs. to_days .... ooops). - Some people did submit a new entry to the waitlist. These people will find their entry has been re-enabled, and is at the same place in line it originally was (the record was not deleted; it just had a flag set) - Some people signed up again and paid. For example, someone who signed up and was #50, re-signed up because of the error and paid for their second waitlist entry (same match) that was at position #80 would be #80 on the waiting list. These entries were fixed by transferring the payment status from the second waitlist entry to the first one that was erroneously disabled, so these people got the spot they were entitled to based on when they signed up (in this example, the payment on entry #80 was moved to #50 and the duplicate entry #80 removed). Bottom line - waitlist position is determined by the order in which your entry made it to the waitlist, not when you paid. - This was all done by adjusting flags on records and moving the payment transaction ID's to the proper records - there was NO manual insertion of entries into the list. (there was manual removal of the duplicates created by folks who had problems). - This may result in a shift of a small number of places for other people, since the "disabled" entries are not counted (and one ahead of you may have been improperly disabled). rob ps: Yeah, I know this is boring detail, but the entire concept of this waitlist is based on transparency, so I prefer to avoid vague generalized explainations.
  15. The waitlist for the Ltd/Prod/Revolver and Open/Limited Nationals opens at 10PM EDT time on Monday, June 4. Details available at www.uspsa.org/waitlist.
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