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Brave New World--Aldous Huxley

After Many A Summer, Dies the Swan--Aldous Huxley (loads of Karma at the end!)

East Of Eden--John Steinbeck

We The Living--Ayn Rand (almost her autobiography)

Atlas Shrugged--Ayn Rand

I, Thou--Martin Buber

The Confessions of Augustin

Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals--Brian Enos

The Fourth Turning-Strauss&Howe

The Sovereign Individual- James Dale Davidson

The Republic--Plato

Zero Coupon-- Paul Erdman (financial thriller)

The Last Days of America--Paul Erdman (the Tom Clancey of finance)

Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting--Ed McGivern (A study in greatness, through humility)


Death in the Tall Grass--Peter Hathaway Capstick

To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth!--Jeff Cooper

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one I am reading right now...

Zero - The Biography of a Dangerous Idea

this book is all about how our number system came to be and how, for the longest time, zero was not a part of it.  you have no notion how powerful that number is... good read

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A Man in Full T. Wolfe

All Quiet on the Western Front E.M. Remarque

The Ashes of Waco D.J. Reavis

Atlas Shrugged A. Rand

Captain Corelli's Mandolin L. de Bernieres

Cold Mountain C. Frasier *

The da Vinci Code D. Brown

Ender's Game O.S. Card

Enemy at the Gates W. Craig

Farewell to the King P. Schoendoerffer

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas H.S. Thompson

The Fountainhead A. Rand

Gates of Fire S. Pressfield

Get Shorty E. Leonard

The Hunt for Red October T. Clancy

The Lion's Game N. DeMille

Metzger's Dog T. Perry

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress R. Heinlein

Point of Impact S. Hunter

Polar Star M.C. Smith

Six Silent Men R. Martinez

Smilla's Sense of Snow P. Hoag

Snow Falling on CedarsD. Guterson

Unintended Consequences J. Ross

* This will be an American classic.

Edited by Erik Warren
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Pat, we've been buying the same books! :-)

I'll add - PS- Beyond Fundamentals

          The Inner game of Golf

          The Tao of Jeet Kun Do

          Lessons from the Edge

          The Art of the Deal - Donald Trump

          Book of Combat Handgunnery - Chuck Taylor

          All Frederick Forsyth novels

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Pat ditto to all your selections, I couldn't think of the titles to Dick Marcinco's books.  Doom on Bonedaddy!

Lenard, one of the best opening lines I ever read in a book was from Forsythe's "The Fist of God".  I think it was "The man with ten minutes left to live was laughing."  Man, what a hook, I had to keep reading.

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Interesting demographic here - a psych student's wet dream...

Top of my list remains Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand - my daughter's name is Dagny, enough said.

All the Clancy, Forsyth, McNabb, Demo Dick et. al. but I did miss a few of my favorites

Anything by Jack Higgins featuring any of Liam Devlin, Sean Dillon or Martin Brosnan, despite a proclivity for Walther PPKs

Original Ludlum - not the co-authored crap he never really wrote, try The Matarese Circle first

Robert B. Parker - any of the Spenser novels.  Most of us are fairly autonomous people - Spenser and Hawk are autonomy defined

Early Eric Van Lustbader - great insight into the oriental mind

Go Rin No Sho - Musashi - makes you think

More to come...


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Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire and The Tides of War are the best fiction that I've read lately.  Jack O'Connor is the greatest hunting/shooting author that ever lived but his best book is Horse and Buggy West about growing up in preWWI  Tempe, AZ.  Hard to get but worth it.  Anything by John Keegan is excellent particularly The Face of Battle, The Second World War and History of warfare.Stephen Ambrose Undaunted Courage is good too.

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- Richard Bach - Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, There's No Such Place As Far Away, The Bridge Across Forever

- Michael Bane - All Night Radio

- Roger Bannister - The Four Minute Mile

- Cliver Barker - Weaveworld

- Ruth Bernhardt - The Eternal Body

- Anne Bishop - The Black Jewels Trilogy (Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of the Darkness), Dreams Made Flesh

- Ray Bradbury - Fahrenheit 451

- John Brunner - The Whole Man

- Anthony Burgess - A Clockwork Orange

- Edward Bryant - Particle Theory, Cinnabar, Wyoming Sun

- Edgar Rice Burroughs - The Mucker

- Orson Scott Card - Ender's Game, Characters & Viewpoint

- Jonathan Carroll - Bones of the Moon

- Jeff Cooper - Principles of Personal Defense

- Scott Corbett - The Baseball Bargain

- Larry Correia - Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta

- Chris Crutcher - Athletic Shorts, The Crazy Horse Electic Game

- Samuel R. Delany - Babel-17, Nova

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The Complete Sherlock Holmes

- Harlan Ellison - Shatterday

- Brian Enos - Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals

- Philip Jose Farmer - Image of the Beast

- Raymond E. Feist - Magician, Silverthorn, A Darkness At Sethanon

- John Fowles - The Collector, The French Lieutenant's Woman

- Dick Francis - Odds Against, Whip Hand, Come to Grief, Break In, Bolt

- W. Timothy Gallwey - The Inner Game of Tennis

- Dave Grossman - On Combat

- William H. Hallahan - The Keeper of the Children

- Laurell K. Hamilton - the Anita Blake novels

- Robert A. Heinlein - The Puppet Masters; Citizen of the Galaxy; Have Spacesuit, Will Travel; Starship Troopers; Stranger in a Strange Land; I Will Fear No Evil; Time Enough for Love; Expanded Universe; Friday

- Christina Henry - Black Wings

- James Herriott - All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful

- Daniel Keyes - Flowers for Algernon

- Stephen King - Carrie, The Shining, Salem's Lot, The Dead Zone, It, Insomnia

- James Kirkland - Good Times/Bad Times, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Hit Me With a Rainbow

- Dean R. Koontz - The Watcher, Twilight Eyes, Cold Fire, Dragon Tears

- Laird Koenig - The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane

- Louise Lawrence - The Earth Witch

- Jospeph Michael Linsner - Angry Christ Comix, Dawn: Lucifer's Halo

- Barry B. Longyear - Manifest Destiny

- Joshua & Jonathan Luna - Ultra: Seven Days

- George R.R. Martin - Windhaven, Fevre Dream

- Richard Matheson - The Shrinking Man, Hell House, I Am Legend

- Julian May - The Many-Colored Land, The Golden Torc, The Nonborn King, The Adversary

- Anne McCaffrey - The Ship Who Sang

- Vonda McIntyre - Superluminal

- Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons - The Watchmen

- Alan Moore & David Lloyd - V for Vendetta

- Daniel Keyes Moran - Emerald Eyes, The Long Run, The Last Dancer

- Garth Nix - Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Mr. Monday

- James O'Barr - The Crow

- Kevin O'Donnell - Bandersnatch

- Peter O'Donnell - all the Modesty Blaise books EXCEPT Cobra Trap

- George Orwell - 1984

- Steve Perry - The Trinity Vector

- Christopher Pike - Sati

- Kin Platt - The Blue Man, Sinbad and Me

- Richard S. Prather - the Shell Scott books

- Tom Reamy - Blind Voices, San Diego Lightfoot Sue & Other Stories

- John Ringo - A Hymn Before Dying, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, Hell's Faire, Ghost, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach, A Deeper Blue

- Spider Robinson - Mindkiller, Callahan's Lady, Lady Slings the Booze, User Friendly

- J.K. Rowling - all the Harry Potter books

- Jessica Amanda Salmonson - The Swordswoman

- L. Neil Smith - Pallas (sequel! sequel!)

- Norman Spinrad - Bug Jack Barron, Child of Fortune, The Void Captain's Tale

- Richard Stallman - The Orphan, The Captive, The Beast

- Theodore Sturgeon - The Dreaming Jewels

- Duane Thomas - The Truth About Handguns

- The Art of Speedreading People by Paul D. Tieger & Barbara Barron-Tieger

- Mark Twain - Huckleberry Finn

- John Varley - Titan, Wizard, Demon, Blue Champagne

- Joan D. Vinge - Eyes of Amber, Tin Soldier

- Kurt Vonnetut, Jr. - Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions

- Al Voth - B-Zone, Mandatory Reload

- Mark Waid & Alex Ross - Kingdom Come

- Robert F. Young - Starfinder, The Last Yggdrasill, Eridahn, The Vizier's Second Daughter

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Here are some of my favorite books:

A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking

Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll

Bored of the Rings Harvard Lampoon

Dune Frank Herbert

It Takes a Village Hillary R. Clinton NOT! (Gotcha!)

Metamagical Themas Douglas R. Hofstadter

Relativity: The Special and the General Theory Albert Einstein

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever Stephen R. Donaldson

The Communist Manifesto Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels NOT! (Gotcha!)

The Helix and the Sword John McLoughlin

The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien

The Real Frank Zappa Book Frank Zappa

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich : A History of Nazi Germany William Shirer

The Virtue of Selfishness Ayn Rand

Titan, Wizard and Demon John Varley

In General:

Anything by Ayn Rand

Anything by Brian Enos (Obligatory sucking-up)

Anything by H.P. Lovecraft

Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Anything by Larry Niven

Anything by Mark Twain

Anything by Robert Heinlein (TANSTAAFL!)

Anything by Tom Clancy

Anything by William Gibson

The cheesy Hammer's Slammers series by David Drake

Those wacky Carlos Castaneda books

Gee, I didn't see It Takes a Village on anyone else's list. Where's the social conscience around here?



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I can't believe I left this off of my first post, but along the same lines as Brian's book (something about obvious things in front of your nose...)

The World's Most Dangerous Places (3rd and 4th ed.)

Robert Young Pelton

considered by many as "the best souce of non-classified intelligence available"  

great info (i actually now know more about landmines than I will ever care to know) - actually very funny also

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In no particular order:

The Flight of the Eagle - Basically, anything by J. Krishnamurti

On mind and Thought - K

Think on these Things - K

The Urgency of Change - K

A Separate Reality - Carlos Castaneda

Journey to Ixtlan - Castaneda

Tales of Power - Castaneda

Steppenwolf - Herman Hesse

Sidhartha - Herman Hesse

Dhammapada - translated by Thomas Cleary

The Teachings of the Buddha - Buddhist Promotion Foundation

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind - Shunryu Suzuki

The Way and the Power - Fredrick Lovret

What Are You? - Imelda Octavia Shanklin

Alice and Wonderland - Lewis Carrol

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Seven Arrows - Hymemeyohsts Storm

The Adventure of Self-Discovery - Stanislov Grof

Relativity Visualized - Lewis Carol Epstein

Schrodinger’s Cat - can’t remember (a Quantum Physics introduction)

The Holotropic Mind - Stanislov Grof

The Blue Cilff Record - translated by Thomas Cleary

Book of Serenity - translated by Thomas Cleary

Minding Mind - translated by Thomas Cleary

Kensho - translated by Thomas Cleary

Boddhidharma - translated by Red Pine

The Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion - Thich Nhat Hanh

Golf in the Kingdom - Michael Murphy

The Denkoroku, or The Transmission of Light - (Zen master Keizan) - translated by P.T.N.H. Jiyu-Kennett and Hurbert Nearman, or translation by Thomas Cleary

The Transmission of the Lamp - translated by Sohaku Ogata

Mud and Water (Zen master Bassui) - translated by Aurthur Braverman

Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

Pistol Shooters Treasury - published by Gil Heberd

Experiments of a Handgunner - Walter Roper

Shooting - J Henry Fitzgerald

Hatchers Notebook - Julian Hatcher

Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns - Jack O’connor

Successful Shooting - Bill Pullum and Hanenkrat

Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting - Ed McGivern

Boxing - Edwin Haslet

Tao of Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee

Principles of Personal Defense - Jeff Cooper

Cooper on Handguns - Jeff Cooper

On Learning Golf - Percy Boomer

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book - Harvey Penick

The Wisdom of Harvey Penick - Harvey Penick

Bobby Jones on Golf - Bobby Jones

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Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, The Puppet Masters, and Friday - all by Robert Heinlein

Beneath the Wheel - Hermann Hesse

The Stranger - Albert Camus

Childhood's End -by Arthur C. Clarke

Anthem -by Ayn Rand

The Man in the High Castle, A Scanner Darkly, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - all by Philip K. Dick

Small is Beautiful - by E. F. Schumacher

Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive - all by William Gibson

V. and The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Dynamic Strength by Harry Wong

The Truth about Self Defense by Massad Ayoob

Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco

The Unseen Hand - can't remember the author of this one

At the Mountains of Madness, and anything else by H.P. Lovecraft

The Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles ( Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone )

Henry IV, parts 1 and 2, and Henry V; Richard III, Hamlet, The Tempest, Julius Caesar, and King Lear - all by William Shakespeare

Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

The Odyssey by Homer

The Republic of Plato - ed. Bloom

The Male Herbal by James Green

It's a Conspiracy by The National Insecurity Council

The Face of Battle by John Keegan

Street without Joy by Bernard Fall ( required reading for those interested in the Vietnam War )

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Devil's Guard by George Robert Elford ( ex-Waffen SS in the French Foreign Legion, in Indochina - riveting )

Enemy at the Gates - er...can't remember this author either, but it's better than the movie

The Long Afternoon of Earth by Brian Aldiss

Shatterday and Demon with a Glass Hand - both by Harlan Ellison

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

1984 and Animal Farm - both by George Orwell

The Complete Book of Knife Fighting by William L. Cassidy

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

All Quiet on the Western Front by Eric Remarque

The Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim - both by Joseph Conrad

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I'll keep this short.

Fiction: 1.)James Lee Burke, anything by him.  Purple Cane Road was an awsome ending to the Dave Robicheaux series.

             2.) T. Jefferson Parker, anything by him

             3.) Micahael Connelly, dotto

             4.) Robert Crais, ditto


             1.) Black Hawk Down  by Mark Bowden

             2.) The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sayer          

I can't recomend these above listed two books enough.

              3.) The Mental Edge  by Gary Baum

             4.) Verbal Judo by George Thompson

              5.) The Bible

              6.) All's Quiet on the Western Front

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