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  1. I don't think being in shape helps my shooting but it helps keep me sane. I was turned on to the emwave biofeedback device by my sports psychologist, he's worked with gold medal Olympians, and it has helped me from being near suicidal to being able to perform on demand even in the most stressful situations.
  2. I purchased a swiss bar for OHP and benching (it has parallel handles) and it has worked wonders on keeping me able to do those lifts. I also invested in some weight vests and the perfect push-up handles and do weighted push-ups as the core of my horizontal pushing. Benching I only do on rep day.
  3. I've softened my opinion on crossfit. I worked out a few times with my sister who lives in Fla last year and had a good time. They also had no problems with me working on my core routine prior to and after class.
  4. This thing won't go five rounds without a failure to eject jamming the crap out of it. If someone can work on this cheaper than just pitching it and buying a new one I'm game.
  5. Crossfit is the best b/c it's functional? All strength is functional.
  6. I love the M&P but truth be told these guns have a rather high rrate of eturn for warranty work. Same problems over and over again.
  7. I had one of the orginal frames and it was so bad a Smith rep actually came to my job to personally give me another. These guns are manufactured with the assumption that some just wants a cool "zombie gun" and may never put more than a box of ammo through it.
  8. Fatgrpz are swesome and the biggest benefit of them in the extra large version is the increased surface are really takes some pressure off you elbows and shoulders.
  9. Smith isn't shipping LE versions until the civilian bugs are worked out.
  10. The original factory extractor was even worse. If my ammo isn't literally shiny clean I get FTE like crazy.
  11. Arrendondo's work well for me. World's difference between them on the M&P mags and the aweful para extentions.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdTOo-sLANA
  13. I don't press directly overhead much anymore but when I do I do it sitting with my butt on the floor and my legs extended straight out (powerlifters call it a z-press and there are some youtube vids on it). That's the hardest core exercise I've done and it limits the amount of weight I can press up while still making for some effort. Use dumbells and start out really light to see if it's suitable or not. If it feels ok then switch to a bar which is even harder because it's in front of you in the rack position.
  14. I got a rack off of Craig's List too. I got a barely used high end rack for a couple hunred dollars. It has pegs for bands and everything
  15. If one is on a low carb or carb cycling diet and they find themselves out of gas prior to a workout or during a shooting match then just take one of glucose pills they sell at drug stores. The instant 10 grams with get your blood sugar up for a couple hours.
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