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  1. I have a new stock S2 that I want to reduce the DA just a bit. If I changed the hammer spring to 11.5 would any other spring be affected where a change would be needed?
  2. I have a new S2 CO coming in shortly. These grips look really good. I wonder how they compare the Loks I have on my SP01.
  3. For $60 it sounds like this is a good mod.
  4. I am really surprised that there is not more information available on proper gun fit. Every sport I play the cue, bike, club etc....have a fitting process for optimal performance.
  5. I play pool at a high level and this statement resonates with me. We practice shots that are outside of our current skill level all the time. However, when you are presented with one of those shots during a tournament match when it’s a race to 3 (one pocket) you would do well to pass on it.
  6. I get it, practice can become mundane and music can certainly help. That said, I would not want music directly in my ear while running a stage in competition.
  7. I think this is a great idea but I think I would have neighbor issues as several have mentioned.
  8. You have a great starting set up that will every once in a while shock you with groups in the sub half moa and leave you wanting for more. Welcome to the long road of precision shooting. Hardmix
  9. I shoot both 6.5 and 308, go with both! Hardmix
  10. Hardmix

    Which one?

    Taurus KTM or Yamaha?
  11. Adam Johnson...The Orphan Masters Son....Sobering. Hardmix
  12. Mark Dawson...The Cleaner. Hardmix
  13. Russ Snyder....The Presidents Weapon. Hardmix
  14. Michael Connelly....The Black Echo. Hardmix
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