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Carbon fiber handguard

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2 hours ago, TRUBL said:

should be fine......I'd use masking tape....draw what you want to cut on the tape.....remove it, then use a finger nail file to smooth any sharp edges.

Thanks Tim,

I just ordered your ULW with the mid length comp.

I'm thinking I have to use your carbon handguard with it.

My thought was to cut a hole over the comp ports.



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2 hours ago, jerseyglock said:

Wear a good mask and eye protection while cutting.


In addition, I always put tape on the area I am cutting and hit it with a water mist sprayer from a squirt bottle as I am cutting to keep the dust down

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I liked to spray things with water before the cut when using rotary tools, helps keep down airborne particulate (or so I've heard).  I started using hack saw after I had a kid and got worried about his lungs; always found CF to clean up well if using a sharp file when done


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On 7/20/2022 at 3:06 PM, dmshozer1 said:


I have heard that cutting carbon fiber is not good for you.

Breathing CF is awful, but the itty bitty splinters are the worst.  I make the equivalent of a blasting cabinet with a cardboard box and use yellow dish gloves and a face shield backwards over what I am cutting.  It might be overkill but it makes cleanup easier and after having to deal with a CF splinter in my trigger finger for more than a year, its a better choice.

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Used to work with fiberglass back in the day - worked with Kevlar a bit, never CF - but might I suggest treating the raw cut edge with epoxy or something to seal it up.  You don't want it splintering if it catches something.  Just my 2 cents.  I have a smoke composite guard on my GMR-15 - love it.


Good luck


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