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  2. Do you make a full length rifle buffer tube for your system?
  3. Do you make a non adjustable rifle length buffer tube for your system?
  4. dmshozer1


    Level 1 match, After hearing the unload and show clear but before the RO could say, if clear, they holstered their still loaded gun with the mag in the gun. The RO said stop, cleared the gun, gave them a warning. DQ?
  5. Total weight of buffer, steel spacer and bolt is 22.10 oz's.
  6. I will check it out later and let you know.
  7. Yes, Left the weight in. For me the carbine spring gave me the best results down range. Not exactly the best dot movement but the best double taps.
  8. I use a stock .223 carbine spring with good results , 15 oz. bolt, Blitzkreig and steel spacer, Gold 308 trigger. No problem using it for two seasons of shooting.
  9. I agree with Bwillis, Your current set ups should give you very little dot movement. That leaves one thing, you! For me I can dramatically change my dot movement by changing how I stand and how I hold my gun with the same load. Hand far out on the hand guard, hand close, hard grip, soft grip, stock high on my shoulder, low on my shoulder, facing the target, angle my body to the target. You get the idea. Try it. Might help you out. I put up three targets at 15 yds. Double tap them as fast as you want to go. You may find that your dot movement can fool you as to what is happening downrange on your targets. I like to get at least a 2" double tap.
  10. I doubt in "real life" you will need to do any type of reload. Either they will be hurt, you will be hurt, both of you hurt or somebody dead. Train to do one of course but if you survive, the reload will probably come after the fight is over.
  11. Funny story, My first matches were in the winter, John Amidon was a local shooter in our club. I knew who he was but being new I was new to him. One match I brought tomato soup in a thermos. We got to the next stage and at our loading table I poured some soup into my cup. John was a few feet away and I said to him, John, are you into Bloody Mary's? I can still remember the look on his face!!!!!!!!!! He went over to the President of our club who was in our squad and pointed to me. Rich the Pres. laughed out loud and explained what the deal was. I still shoot with him and we both still get a laugh about it.
  12. I can relate to your commentary, It was like I was at the match. I am looking out of my window at 10" of snow and 18 degrees so your video let me escape my boredom for awhile. Nice splits.
  13. Nice match video with great commentary, Very nice camera work. I have never liked pov videos. Great for the shooter, not so much for the viewer.
  14. How do you tune the comp when it is in a fixed position on the barrel?
  15. Follow up on the above, Put the PSA lower on the Odin dedicated 9 upper. After putting about 100 rds. through it, i had some stovepipe type malfunctions. Tried different ammo, buffer springs, buffers and worked on extractor tension. Same malfunction. Took the gun apart many times and finally noticed brass markings on the receiver port. Put the gun back together. Noticed that the ejector sat really low in relation to the Odin port. It has a small opening compared to the PSA upper, Mister dremel opened up the bottom of the port as much as I dared. I figured out the brass was hitting the bottom of the port. Gun has run perfect since then. That was a new one for me.
  16. Weird Tubbs spring problem solved, It is a Strike Industries flat wire spring. Beware of that if you run a Blitz.
  17. I have both, The heavy and the light, Neither fit? The blitz really calmed down the two rifles I have. One is a full 16". The other is a sleeved 5" I tried the Tubbs with other buffers. Went back To the 308 spring and Blitz. I think the way you hold your gun has a lot to do with the way it recoils.
  18. Interesting, My Tubbs spring would go over any other buffer but not my Blitz. Weird!
  19. What was the distance to the targets? I tried the Tubbs spring. It would not fit over the Blitz's buffer. How did you make that work?
  20. True, But some shooters go below the sub minor to cheat. My entire point is that the knuckle setting is below the 115 power factor so they get away with it. As I said above, set a popper up so that a 115 load will just knock it down. You will find that the knuckle setting is a lot lighter. And like I have said over and over, I understand why the light setting is used. It keeps the match flowing. I realize not everyone cheats but when you see brass dribbling out of the "Joe average"shooters gun and his double taps at 15 to 20 yds. are 2" apart. I mean, come on! I"m done
  21. I never meant that, I know poppers are very hard to maintain. I just stated that if the popper was calibrated correctly,it will fall if the shooters ammo made power factor. What has my attitude got to do with popper calibration. Thats funny
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