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  1. RO should NEVER leave the shooter, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rifle up, someone in the squad does the necessary downrange work. Patching a target, resetting a swinger, etc.
  2. Sorry to say but weighing a loaded round will not work, Even brass with the same head stamp will weigh as much as 5 grains different from each other. Check it out.
  3. Please let me know how it works with coated bullets.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys, Now I have to decide what to do.
  5. Thinking the same thing! I will see how bored I get this winter and decide then.
  6. Loaded that many during the off season on a Dillon 550, I soon found out the powder bar was sticking. Not returning to pick up powder. Took it apart to find the powder funnel was cracked where it pivots on the housing. Decided to keep loading but watching for it to stick. Thought I was doing good. Nope. First match I had three squibs. Went home to try another box of bullets. Had two squibs out of 50 rds. Now I am not sure about every box of 200 I have loaded. Sent my funnel back to Dillon last week. It is on the way back to me. No charge. Tried the weighing thing. Nope. To much variance in the brass. Up to 5 gr's difference in the same brass. Lesson learned!!
  7. I have close to 4,000 9mm bullets to pull, What is the best tool for the job other than the usual pulling type hammer?
  8. Yea it was awhile ago, Area 7 and 8 USPSA matches. I started in 92 so it must have been 90's and early 20's How time flies!
  9. Wow, 1525 for 95 gr, 1425 for your 115 gr. loads, In my day you would have been DQed at the chrono stage for going over the 1350 velocity limit. All majors I went to did that to reduce damage to steel targets. I guess things have changed. It was the same at local matches but no chrono so it was an honesty thing.
  10. Thanks Max for taking the time to do this, You are the MAN!!!
  11. Good load. Nice flaky high volume power with a deep seated 147 gr. bullet. No problem.
  12. bulls#!t! Had two friends shooting Tightgroup out of S@W revolvers. Blew the top of the frames off and the top cylinders. I was there for one of them. Both were loading as low as they could go. Up to you. Just remember there is an RO next to you.
  13. I doubt the explosion would make it out of the very small primer hole. Even if it did it would contact the bolt face and that's not good.
  14. It is possible with not enough powder in the case that when in the horizontal position "like when you are firing the gun" the powder lies flat in the case. Under the flame of the primer. The primer fires over the powder causing a detonation exploding through the top of the case and your receiver. NASTY! Most get away with it because recoil moves the powder around enough. Ever hear a shooters rounds sounding different? Might be they are not loading enough powder.
  15. You have a winner if you are talking fast double taps. I am jealous as are anyone else that has read your results.
  16. How far away were the targets that you were putting one of top of another? My tests are done at 15 yds. Acceptable to me are 2" at that yardage if the gun is held properly. I also use 147 gr coated bullets. 3 gr. of Win. S.T. 930 avg velocity.
  17. Should take him to the safe table and then drop him!
  18. I have used them with great success, Problem is that because they are not a drop in trigger, your lower trigger pin holes had better be with in spec. If they are not your gun may double and or not re set. When right they are a great trigger! Same with a Hyperfire.
  19. I will be out of the house  for the next few hours,



    I,m in New York and am up late.

    1. eggman



      I am sorry I never saw your post about the buffer until I sold the buffer to someone else.  I had asked for PM messages and went by those . Usually my items never sell that quickly and I would lose track of the post as it would be several pages back and hard for me to find quickly . So, I started asking for PM messages if someone was interested . However there is no excuse for me missing your post as you posted it just minutes after I put my for sale topic up and for that I apologize . 


  20. Money order Okay?

  21. Thanks for the information, I have called them and am waiting for a response.
  22. Will a 507C Holosun fit on a CWA 22 top end conversion?
  23. Will a 507 fit on a CWA 22 top end conversion?
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