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  1. I would do the opposite and pour it on, Maybe they need a hug.
  2. Wow, What a circus stage match! Some shooters like them but I never did. Good luck with your knee problem.
  3. Ok, Emailed Troy. To quote him "Yes, it is" Done
  4. How you doing Dan? Will do.
  5. So Sarge, What do you think? Sounds like if you left it on during the match it's legal
  6. Ok, I am looking at IPSIC rules. I cannot open the USPSA rule book. No mention of it in the USPSA rules?
  7. A competitor who substitutes or significantly modifies a firearm and/or sights during a match without the prior approval of the Range Master will be subject to the provisions of Rule 10.6.1. The mounting or detaching of a magwell, barricade stop or vertical front grip is not considered a significant modification of a firearm. 2019 IPSIC PCC rule book
  8. Let me check, Might have the wrong rule.
  9. Found this, In red highlight.
  10. Not my intent. Not my question. I did not ask for your opinion. Asked if the rules say if they are permitted or not.
  11. Can you put a vertical fore grip on and be legal in USPSA matches in PCC division? Thought I read somewhere you could but it could not be longer than 7" in length.
  12. I have never shot a IPSC 3gun match, All my matches have been normal type 3gun. Good rule!
  13. If he was using a 1301 the gun had to be cocked and bolt forward or the lifter will not let you load the tube. Gun not cocked, lifter will not go down. Table start, bolt forward and cocked, no problem. Great gun but loading it in the above condition sucks!
  14. Understand, I was hoping there was a faster method. I do know a faster way but i don't want to open up a can of worms. Most 1301 users know what i am talking about. .
  15. If using this gun for competition, the lower dram shells will give you faster follow-up shots. They will also be easier on you and on the gun. But I agree that sometimes a new gun needs heavier dram shells to break it in. Then again, some guns need the heavier dram shells to be reliable. You will find what the gun likes after breaking it in. Good luck.
  16. Thanks. ,I was hoping there was a trick that I was not aware of.
  17. You have never seen a empty shotgun start? Been shooting 3gun for 20 years all over the US. Had to do it many times but not with a Berreta. Most will let you put one on the lifter which is still a pain in the ass but some will not allow that. It is a cruel start. If you had to. How would your do it with your 1301?
  18. Empty 1301, bolt forward, not cocked, table start. Best way?
  19. Nice but the little guy is going to need an adjustable stock. As he grows that might change.
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