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  1. O-Ring picks. I bought a set to get the CZ trigger bar spring into the right spot, and they work great for the tension bar style magazine release catch.
  2. Not that it matters anymore, but the rear sight plate weighs more than the optic.
  3. I would argue that it has to be on a case by case basis. I would strike up a conversation and make sure they knew that there was a weight limit, but there's no reason to run around telling the MD or RM for something that you can't even verify. I think it's a disservice to others to allow newbies to slide when something is a clear competitive advantage. 1oz over weight isn't a huge advantage. Loading to 15 in production, having a compensator and a magwell in CO, and declaring major but shooting 9mm in Limited are all things that need attention during the match, just like you wouldn't let someone shoot the whole stage outside of the FFZ just because they're new. For a new shooter, being bumped to open would suck, but it's a mechanism in the rules that is designed for this very thing.
  4. Off topic, but both are useful skills and can be used at different times. With a tough first shot on a Virgina count stage, prep and pull works great. Most of the time with a DA first shot, you want to just give the smooth stroke of the trigger. Shoot a revolver and the 90/10 prep goes right out the window.
  5. Unfortunately, yes, I think you did, and this is where I think it was. It's tough because you tilt the gun up too, but with 1080p/60fps video and, 1) you're mostly in the center of the frame so if it's a wide angle lens the distortion will be low, and 2) the videographer is lined right up with you through the center of the bay, it's enough to make me think you were at least at the 180°, and the RO is in the perfect spot to see it. If you're at the 180° and you tilt and lift the gun, you're going to go past.
  6. Stoeger has some par times in his dry fire book that breaks down the draw into it's components. Odds are, the time you're spending attaining your firing grip isn't necessarily what's got you down on your draw. How fast are you reacting to the beep? With some it seems like they don't start moving until the beep is done, others have their hand around the grip and break kydex before the beep is even over. You can practice by just slapping the timer and using a random delay. The time to actually get the gun clear of the holster and into some kind of grip is important as well and what you're talking about. You can break that down by starting with your hand on the grip and reacting to the beep and getting your grip together cleanly and repeatable. The last is the step that will help you all over your game. Getting the sights aligned, aimed, and calling the shot. It's a skill you use on every shot, but especially entering new positions and big transitions. You start with the gun in front of you where you get your grip together.
  7. ...to use the MGM hangers? Can't find a dimension anywhere.
  8. That's the only thing that would make sense. Most classifiers are shoot reload shoot, those three aren't much different and the dot with the same scoring (minor) should make the hhf better for CO.
  9. Still spots open on Sunday! https://practiscore.com/battle-of-saratoga-idpa-tier-3-2019/register
  10. I usually get in a draw or two at the safe area when I gun up. Two reasons. 1) make sure my holster is where I want it. 2) get some front sight focus in or check the dot. I often warm up for practice by firing a few rounds with no target. It helps reinforce front sight focus. A few dry fires does the trick. Keep in mind that there's no practicing that is going to help you on match day. It's like cramming for a test in the bathroom. The match tests your training, skills and focus. You aren't going to build any of those up at the safe area, but you can bring your focus up a bit to get started.
  11. They're sturdy and smooth. They have good retention but once you start drawing there's no resistance.
  12. Sorry I thought I edited the post to add it. https://www.instagram.com/joshbresett/?r=nametag
  13. They're fantastic. You can see some videos on my IG. All the latest ones are the AimCam. https://www.instagram.com/joshbresett/?r=nametag Pros: great quality, battery life, usability, durability, and you can point the camera right where you want it. Cons: the FOV is a little smaller than other action cams, the glasses are comfortable, but ear pro must be plugs. They're superior to pivothead glasses by far.
  14. Are you sure it's not the cases getting stuck in the cylinder?
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