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2011 rear sight issue


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So I’ve been shooting 19/2011’s for years and just recently noticed that on my limited gun the rear sight hinge pin is starting to walk itself out of the sight after a few stages. I haven’t dealt with this in any other gun and not sure if I can fix it or if I just need a new sight? 


Thanks for the help!

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4 hours ago, Harpo said:

I haven't had to do it myself, but you might be able to solve that by peening the end of the pin/hinge(support the other side, then use a punch or chisel to swell the pin metal to hold it together).


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Had that happen on one of my 1911s. Followed the peening advice. Turned out the pin had broken in two. Attempting to peen it was counterproductive. My $0.02 is if it wasn't walking the whole time and suddenly it is with no changes, verify nothing broke. 

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