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  1. My ck shorty seems to do really well with my WAC load, it’s 7.2gr under a 124gr jhp. The dot tracks really well, when I have a good grip the dot doesn’t leave the glass.
  2. Blue bullets are a great company with fast shipping and they have good pricing with bulk buys.
  3. A 124gr bullet with e3 or wst is a great and accurate load that I shot for awhile.
  4. I had an RO in 9mm and after some techwell grips and mag well, a little skate tape on the front of the grip it was a fantastic gun. Never had an issue with it, it ran on Wilson mags extremely well. I dont think youll you’ll go wrong either way. 9mm in a SS is a lot of fun!
  5. If you were going to do a full custom build I would take a hard look at doing a 5.4 inch. If I was doing it over again this is the route I’d go.
  6. Wolff 8lb variable with a 17lb MS.
  7. @LuvDog @Hi-Power Jack For me it seems like the 155 has just enough to grab onto as well as enough sticking out of the bottom that it walks that balancing line of not too much and not enough really well. Now when I reload with a 140 it almost seems like my palm is flush with the bottom of the mag well. You up should give one a shot, worst case you don’t like it and sell it on here. I doubt an MBX mag will be in the classifieds for long.
  8. That looks pretty cool!
  9. @Hi-Power Jack the 155’s feel really smooth in the reload. I was worried about them feeling too long or too heavy but after a few dry fire sessions I don’t even notice it.
  10. Amazon is where I used to get mine. Home Health Liquid Lanolin https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0014AWF0S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_KBSdDbPTKAJ53
  11. I just recently got into open and had the same discussion. STI gen 2 vs MBX, it seemed like I could save a few dollars with the gen 2’s but I’d have to tinker with them a little to make them run 100%. I knew that my gun would run MBX’s since that’s what was recommended and I borrowed for a little while. Ultimately I decided to go the MBX route because I knew they ran and I haven’t had a single issues with them in the last couple months. As far as what lengths to run, I find myself running a 155 and 170 most often. I have a 140 but after practicing with the 155 on reloads so much the 140 almost feels too short now. On stages that require a reload I think my new plan is to start with a 140 and reload to a 155.
  12. The APA breaks are great, I haven’t shot The Answer but have some time behind the little bastard and their design is very effective. Another great alternative is the SJC titan break. It’s very effective at keeping the gun flat.
  13. Another vote for the Hiperfire triggers. Their the hardest hitting light weight trigger pull.
  14. Good choice on the EGW parts. They make a great platform for great triggers.
  15. Backwards bullets and no primers. That’s an epic Trojan!
  16. Haha my fiancé does the same thing.
  17. This is why I love this sport, so many people in the sport that will bend over backwards to help you out if you truly need it! Just last weekend a guy showed up but forgot his ammo and 2 or 3 guys offered up enough for him to shoot if he wanted. Congrats on on the new 34 though.
  18. Just as others have said, if you want to start just start. Don’t worry about all the extra gear that people may have, just pick a gun your comfortable shooting, have a holster and mag pouches for, and just focus on being safe and having fun. All of the extra stuff will come as you learn more about the sport and which divisions you want to shoot. One of the best things you can do is listen and watch other shooters do their stage breakdowns, you’ll pick up on a lot this way. You can also ask questions but take everything with a grain of salt, theres some not so great shooters that will try to pass on their knowledge as well. Good luck and welcome, this is a great sport and very addicting!
  19. Great choice. I don’t think you would have gone wrong either way but the ease of 9mm defensive ammo availability and test data is a huge advantage.
  20. Those are epic pics!
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