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Glock mags or ETS? JP GMR-15

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I’m new to this, trying to figure out what mags and extensions to buy. Also plan to add the Taccom magwell. Does anyone have any suggestions about which mags to buy (Glock vs ETS vs other), how many and what mag extensions? My main goal with the extensions is minimal hassle, minimal “fitting”. Thanks!

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Grab some ETS to play with. Grab a couple real Glock mags for matches. See how your gun handles both. Number them to keep up with which is which. Either will swell some when fully loaded, see which inserts and drops free best in your gun.

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I run factory Glock 31 rounders with TF extensions and Magpul 21 rounders for stages with mandatory reloads. Both are extremely reliable.

I have one ETS mag that came with my gun, it has never worked well. I have seen others have issues with ETS mags at matches as well.

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Hello: I have all factory magazines except for two Magpul 17 round mags with Zev base pads. I may get some Magpul big sticks if I can find them. I tried the 21 round Magpul mags but they did not drop quickly since they are so light. They worked 100% though. I have also used Glock 19 mags for shooting prone. I would get 3 Glock 33 round mags and 3 short mags. That should be a good starting point. Thanks, Eric

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I have several ETS mags and they have worked perfectly as they came, or with the Taccom extension. 

I have (2) 31's that are spliced together for a 64 round mag.  No problems with the mags.


Like many others, the ETS do not tolerate sand, and that makes them unreliable. When clean they are 100%


I have read where Taccom tested their extension on several factory Glock mags and half would not work

with extensions, regardless of how much work he put into them.  I have done little to no work on the ETS to

make them work with extensions.  The ETS are very inexpensive at $15 each.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone. Can’t seem to find the magpul mags, though so if anyone has any leads, I would appreciate it. Also, is an extension really necessary? Seeing as how there is a 32 round max, I feel like a regular 33 rounder should be fine for the vast majority of stages and would eliminate the frustration of getting these extensions working? Is there a “best extension”? Seems like most people favor the MBX? I hate finicky mags and I think this will be a source of frustration for me, haha

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While USPSA courses usually cap at 32 rounds, that can include numerous steel shots.  Having more than is required is a good thing.  


I think the most popular extension is the TF +10 that usually gives around 41 rounds.  It does not extend the mag enough that it becomes a problem

and are usually pretty reliable.  The MBX have not been out as long, but are likely as reliable as the TF extensions.


If you plan to strictly shoot USPSA, you will likely not need more than ~40 rounds for any stage, if you plan to shoot outlaw matches, there is no limitation

and you can see 40-50 round stages.

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Hello: My favorite PCC Glock mag setup is to use a stock Glock factory 33 rd magazine with a +5/6 base pad giving me a total reloadable 36 rounds. I use the stock spring as well. This setup I have been using for about 10 years or so now. 100% reliable in rain, snow, sandy conditions. Thanks, Eric

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4 hours ago, Aircooled6racer said:

 I tried the 21 round Magpul mags but they did not drop quickly since they are so light. 


I use the 21 rd Magpul mags for quick reloads but have also found the drop slowly. 


If shooting a classifier, my first magazine will be a Glock brand mag with Dawson basepad fully loaded. The extra weight insures it drops quickly when I hit the mag release.  I then reload with the 21 rd Pmag loaded with only a few extra bullets (and no extension).


The Pmags hard plastic make them slip into the gun with little effort and are just plain fast (and so far, 100% reliable).

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