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New lot of HS-6.... Freight train!


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I opened a new case of 3n38 and my old load was 172 with the new powder it was at 180... I was a little concerned because they asked me to shoot chrono (random drawing, it’s not like they suspected minor) before a local and I had not ran any of the new rounds through chrono. The match staff shot one round through my gun at 1458 and said.. “you are good. I should have put my plugs on under my muffs.”  ? 

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If they are coated, we are talking Minor ?  Or are u running it in an open gun ?
If minor HS6 doesnt like to get run light. Seems like it is one of those powders that clean up the higher the pressure.
Another thing to look at is ur crimp/ seat set up. You could be shaving the coating into the case which can cause more smoke.
Yeh or maybe the powder is screwed up. I just blasted some fairly new HS6 bought within last year, No issues under montana gold bullets. at fullmagnum velocities. 180's and 158 in a 357 working up pin loads. I am liking these 180's

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Same lot of Blue bullets, Winchester Small Rifle primers and indoor range.


One of the guys at my last match mentioned how smoky it was. So I watched the videos and then went to my local indoor range.


Going to chrono as soon as weather permits.


If chrono is good, I will just keep shooting.

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