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  1. Do you use a outstretched locked elbow weak hand grip or is it pulled in some? Which gives you more control and faster transitions? Going to play with my foregrip handstop position a little. I almost feel like a fully locked elbow may be slower in transitions.
  2. Just be aware of the issues around SBR such as going to a match outside of your home state etc.
  3. BLT, where are you located? ORSA in TN is next weekend. There will be all flavors of PCC their. You could sample several. Of all I have shot, if doing it over, I would buy the MBX
  4. With my reloaded ammo, I am loving mine. Load to class PF and recoil is a lot less. If I shoot factory ammo, It is snappy. Shooting next weekend. Shot last months match and was third over all. Granted not that many people there. I beat MBX and Sig shooters regularly , and get beaten by them as well. If I started over, I might would go a different route, but will not switch now. The gun is not holding me back....yet.
  5. The offset makes very little difference at the distances we shoot . The vertical offeset from the bore makes more of a difference!
  6. In the white or hard chrome? Nice.
  7. Lower charge weights seem to leave more of the funky looking grit behind in my open pistol. I do not like tight Chambers in my pistols.
  8. Ejects about 2:00. I have a Cmore mounted on an offset mount similar to the Cheely. I hate the ones that rotate the sight. No marks on the mount from the brass. Mount is moved over to the left 200 thousandths.
  9. No reshaping at all and probably 1500-2000 Rds since with no issues gunwise....
  10. Have no idea about the PT. Try them both and let us know!
  11. GoPro Hero 5 mounted to a flex grip vise. Roll my cart to the line or let a friend run it. Then for a wearble camera, I think nothing beats the AimCam Pro 2 glasses. Interchangeable lens, camera can be mounted anywhere on eyeglass bridge. Check it out.
  12. The STI insert was very sloppy, measured things up and Josh at Double Alpha sent me a Race Master with the SV insert. Much better. Now I just have to get "ungrounded" by the spousal unit.
  13. Took an assortment of springs from 7-11 lbs, ran a couple Bill Drills at 10-20 yards. Anything above 9lb spring and spreads were horrible. 8lb springs gave me the fastest times and tightest groups. 8 lb variable kept them nice and tight. Heavier and the second shot would string vertically. I tried 165 to about 175 PF with HS6 and AA 7 with 7, 8,9 lb springs. Always came back to 8 lb springs and about 173-174 PF with HS6. AA7 was close second but powder spillage on the 650 even with the mods was annoying.
  14. Have you tried different recoil springs at that PF? That made quit a bit of difference on mine once I got PF in that range.
  15. Love my Cheely E2 steel. Next gun I might try the aluminum version. I like it a lot more than the plastic grips. Ergonomics and weight, gun is a little more controllable at full semi auto....
  16. You mean Atlas installs the X Line in the pistols they build using the PT Evo. But if you order the PT EVO apart from a custom build, it does not come with the X Line as part of the package from PT.
  17. I was not aware the X Line came in the EVO? I have an X Line in my E2 but that was something I added.
  18. I run an X Line in my E2 as well. Shooters Connection carries them as well.
  19. I have the 6 Moa Viper and love it. Had it for about 2 years now. What did you not like about?
  20. I like the viper because it is a little larger window. I have one on my PCC.
  21. Thanks! Little smaller than STI and bigger than E2.
  22. I have thoroughly investigated the fit etc for that very thing. The holster only made the gun stick. I about yanked my belt off. I feel 100% sure when I grabbed the pistol I disengaged the safety beacuse the beaver tail hit the web of my thumb and I continued, then I believe when pistol did free the holster my finger got the trigger. I have a pretty wide safety. May change that. Biggest thing is in the future, just stop when I hit a terrible grip. So I loose a second to regrip. Better than a toe!
  23. The steel grip was pricey but the best upgrade I have done yet. Or at least in my last practice. I love the extra weight and balance. Really seemed to tame it . Mine is KG Gunkoted but may leave the next in the white for awhile.
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