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Great suprize from eye doctor.


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Went to my eye doctor today to be fitted for new glasses.  I just had cataract surgery.  I was blind in my left eye.

Doctor tested me and asked if I really wanted glasses.  My left eye, the one operated on is now 20/20.  From blind to 20/20.  Can't beat that.  It's better than my right eye that I had done two years ago.

YIPPIE ! ! !

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My cataract surgery, about ten years ago, greatly increased my vision (not 20/20, but a lot

better than the 20/400 it had been).    :)

After ten years, however, I notice it has changed, for the worse.  Still better than 20/400, but

not as good as it was after surgery.    :(

BUT, I am 72 years old - that might have something to do with it.    :ph34r:

Anyway, congratulations, and hope you enjoy it - also hope it doesn't get worse with years.

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