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Blue Bullets - interesting test results


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I recently loaded some 180 blue bullets after shooting some that a friend had loaded and given me to try. His load was very accurate in both my guns.

My normal load is 4.5 grains of Ramshot Comp. @1.200 OAL with either an extreme 180HP or precision 185. These loads normally run 166-169 PF depending on which bullet. I typically buy what ever primers I find that are on sale to use. Here is where it gets interesting :

180 BB @1.210 OAL- 4.5 comp = 181 PF with S&B pistol primers so I reduced the charge weight;

180 BB @ 1.210 OAL- 4.3 comp = 175PF with S&B primers, however, the same load with wolf small rifle primers was 170 PF.

These results were consistent in both of my guns as well as my friends two guns.

I am going to reduce the charge weight to 4.2 grains and do back to back testing again with both primers.

I have come to 2 conclusions- the blue bullets are much faster than others I have tried and, my assumption that rifle primers may produce higher velocities was wrong. Any feed back, comments, or experiences these bullets would be welcome.


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I've loaded about 4000 of the S&B spp and found them to be very consistent.

Low SD and ES in everything I've loaded with them

Mostly 40's with 175 and 180 Bayou bullets

WST and ClayDot

All the Blue bullets I've shoot have been accurate.

Faster than jacketed or plated

Slower than HiTek coated

with plain lead being the "fastest" all, obviously with same primer and charge wgt's

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Other then Montana Gold bullets which seem superior to all the rest, the Blue Bullets have performed very well for me. They have done better then other coated or plated ones I have shot. They achieve better velocities with the same powder/primer combinations I have tried. I use the Golds for the big matches, and for all the rest, Blue is the way to go.

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Thanks for the link! :D

It was interesting to see how "fast" the Blue Bullets were. If you was using one of the "expensive" powders the savings could add up over time.

I was surprised that the plated bullets were "slower". I expected them to be faster than the FMJ's but slower than just Lead with lube. ;)

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> snip <

I was surprised that the plated bullets were "slower". I expected them to be faster than the FMJ's but slower than just Lead with lube. ;)

I know ... I was shocked too when I first saw that. I had always heard that plated bullets should be "loaded" like they were plain lead ... and then they show up at the end of the chain ... slower than jacketed.

I stumbled on that link when I went searching for an answer ... I had been working up a revolver load ... using a plated bullet and same weight coated bullet ... loading both exactly the same (with two different powders) and then going out for a chrono session. The coated jumped ahead so much faster I quit testing immediately and quarantined all my ammo ... (thinking I had used the wrong powder drop ... or somehow mixed up the powders ... bullseye/unique). :mellow:

If you have a tried and true load and then all of the sudden decide to simply substitute a coated bullet it can be a shock.

... and ... blue bullets give you a discount too if let them know you are registered on this forum.

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