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Eberlestock: UpRanger Pack

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I saw it, touched it, played with it a bit, to the point to where I was ready to get one right there. Got temp tabled by the sec of finance & war...

Still want one...maybe your t&e report will help my cause.

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Let us know what it is like. I can't seem to find any information about the different pockets it has.

I've had a couple of eberlestock packs and the quality is excellent but none had enough pockets to use as a range bag.

This one looks pretty good and I want to get something bigger than the 5.11 Rush 12 with add ons that I've been using.

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I got one and have just loaded it up. i like the pockets in the main compartment being adjustable. It seems very well built. After having other packs from them I just invisioned it being bigger. If it was 6" or so wider and longer I think it would be better. After a few matches I will let you know how it holds up.

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So my pack is holding up nice but it rarely leaves my car at a match. I have shot mostly majors this year and can drive from stage to stage. The organized pockets are nice and I've taken it a step farther by putting same sized tupperware containers in the pockets to hold loose ammo, parts, etc. I bought this pack to wear it and I don't really wear it because I haven't had to, at least not yet. The little bit that I have worn the pack, the weight was very well distributed even when heavily loaded down. But like I said, the matches I have shot this year have almost all been ones where I can drive from stage to stage - Tarheel 3G, USCA 2G, Freedom 3G - and if I'm just going to drive around bay to bay then I can get by just fine with a tote box full of stuff.

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