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  1. I emailed them, wait and see for now
  2. What do they charge to do that? It wasn’t listed on their website
  3. I do get the chance to fondle a JP or two here and there.
  4. Which mount puts the dot lower between the Marlin and the Sumtoy?
  5. Steve do you think that is a superior method to do it versus something similar to speedbead mount?
  6. Actually they do not offer a proof as a factory build.
  7. Dang that’s a good run
  8. Who has mounted a dot on their M2. Let me know how you did it and how it has worked for you. Thanks
  9. It is doable, but you may need to play with ammo to find what it likes. Try SK match or Wolff also use 47SS0216 for a discount through JP
  10. Honestly the $15/mo amount is far beyond what’s its worth and I see a very very small % of members who would pay it. That said, that amount or fairly similar per year is more reasonable. I also am not against a reasonable percentage of the sale as the amount either.
  11. I do not cut the spring at all. Get a new spring and don’t cut it. I’d guess that will solve your problem. it’s a helluva lot cheaper to try this than buying new slugs to test out
  12. Shoot me a PM for a JP discount code if you decide to switch over. i shoot factory AE 115’s out of mine and prefer how they feel
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