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  1. That would be great. Let me know
  2. Did STI quit selling frames? I would love to be able to find another master series frame for a build. if so anything comparable out there?
  3. PM for a discount code from JP you will kick yourself for not getting the short stroke sooner
  4. 6 months for delivery? Don’t think so... also so they have more than a dozen rifles ready to ship right now on their website if one of them fits
  5. They are definitely worth every penny!!! No attention to detail is spared on them. PM me for a JP discount code
  6. PM me if you need a JP discount code
  7. I know some industry people that tried some when it was in R&D. They said it was really soft and made PF with room to spare. They don’t know if that was the load that will go to full production or not.
  8. I see Federal has now released 130gr Syntech specific for PCC
  9. Anybody looking for a discount code from JP to save a little on these PM me
  10. No experience with the MPX, but.... On a side note, PM for a JP discount code.
  11. If you think about using the 45 degree dot for a hard lean, you will be better off with it further back. The further down the hand guard the better chance it will take you longer to find the dot. With a proper cheek weld you will find it quicker and easier when further back
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