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  1. Thankyou, I was wondering if that was the case with the longer grip.
  2. I always do 2 passes. You would be suprised at the crap that comes out of the primer pockets when the cases are deprimed. It definitely contributes to primer malfunctions. I deprimed a bunch of cases and tried to load without cleaning and had priming issues straight away. I gave up after 300 rounds so I could clean it properly. There was a small mound of primer dust on the primer punch tilting the primers. Once clean I loaded 9700 rounds in a day with zero issues and zero powder spilled on the deck. I also like to deprime brass that I wet tumble without waiting too long. I've seen some primers or even just the side walls of primers stick in cases that get left in the elements. The mark 7 swage sense picks up every case that doesn't get deprimed and stops the press. It is great for sensing but I havent had a lot of luck getting consistent swaging results from it. I'll fit the standard swage rod when I need it.
  3. I've had a slipperly STI lawman that came cerakoted from the factory. The guns I have cerakoted myself haven't been that bad now that I think about it, different serrations though I suppose.
  4. That sounds like it takes an awful long time. I'm using dillon dies but I throw in 40 cases and they come out loaded as 357 sig. Hornady one shot as lube.
  5. Jeff226 has 226 posts. Most of them complaining about 40 dating way back to 2019. What's your uspsa number? Who are we dealing with.
  6. If that has dropped and the bolt isn't bent then doesn't that mean the case plunger slide has worn on the bottom lowering the whole lot? Do you have a different case feed slide you can try from a calibre conversion? Try a new slide and the old bolt and roller and see if it is the same.
  7. Why not just load sig normally with 357 sig dies? I think I've read you can't move the powder measure on the 750.
  8. In both 38 super and 9mm I lost 3pf with 3 holes.
  9. 5 minutes with a milling machine (dremel for me) on your frame just above the grip screws will fix that. It just needs a small bevel to remove the sharp corner to give enough clearance. Both STI and SVI mags will work then.
  10. Ive never cleaned primer tubes or magazines but the slide and underneath it needs to be clean so it travels smoothly. Also watch out for build up on the priming punch. As soon as my primers start playing up I tear it down and clean it. Recently i had some trouble doing a run of 300 rounds, maybe 10 or so bad primers so I stopped and gave it a good clean. Then the next day I loaded 9200 rounds with zero primer issues. The press was spotless at the end. The brass was already processed beforehand. Before the 300 round run where I had trouble I had deprimed and sized about 25,000 40 cal cases. The primers leave a crusty residue all over the swage and priming area once they are deprimed. I had a small dome of crud on top of the primer punch causing my issues.
  11. Thanks George, I will check that out tonight. I haven't played with that part yet but it might need adjustment. Ive found I've needed quite a few little adjustments to get the press running right.
  12. Thanks guys. Its the same case feed mechanism on the 750. I will make sure its clean but pretty sure it is already clean. It is brand new, I had only loaded 220 rounds of clean 223 prior to switching to 9mm. I found a thread about similar problems on a 650 with a ton of fixes. One of them was to adjust the case feed block so it doesnt push the case too hard. That might be it, I had it apart to turn it around for 223 and didn't take note of how well it it pushed the case in when I tightened it up. It seems way more complicated than my mk 7 1050. The plan was to downsize but now I'm not sure I could handle it.
  13. I've had some trouble with my lee sizing die on my new 750. The case seems to move back a touch after it is pushed into the shellplate and this makes it hit the edge of the die rather than go straight in. I tried to align everything locking down the dies with the cases in the toolhead with no change. The dillon die works fine but I'm wondering if there is a fix I am not seeing. I'd like to use the lee die and leave the dillon setup on my 1050.
  14. You can do it. The zigracker instructions refer to the trubor cut and offers measurements.
  15. Do you have a photo of the cuts? 10.5 seems so light.
  16. They fit but the profile is different at the top where it meets the slide at the front.
  17. Shadow 2 slide. Not as light as everyone thinks.
  18. STI tactical 5 inch. STI TAS sights. Same as the lawman above but flat topped and unique slide profile.
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