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  1. https://scshootingoptics.com/trijicon-sro-specialized-reflex-optic-red-dot-1-0-moa-sro1-c-2500003.html
  2. You made sure it didnt work before you messed with it right? right?
  3. Its off the sizing die. It holds the decapper in.
  4. How many rounds have you shot out of it Terry? Used any AP50?
  5. Is it an old x5 before the trigger issues were fixed? The new ones don't fire out of battery. They have a 1911 style of disconnector. The barrel support is just s#!t. I was an early adopter of the p320x5. The chamber has no support compared to other guns, even the glock is better. You can load around it but you shouldn't have to. Almost everyone I know with one in my country has lost extractors and bulged cases now. My favourite was a mate saying he had no problems at all and lent it to another friend. My friend opened the case at the start of a match and the extractor wasn't there. I remember loading a batch of 8000 rounds. I shot half of them in my shadow 2 with no issues. Bought the sig, had issues straight away. Bought another sig because I thought the barrel was faulty, more issues. Sold the x5's and shot the rest of the ammo in other guns with no issues. Use a slower powder and good quality cases. No CBC, no tulammo, no WIN, no PPU. I was loading with 122 grain bullets, I'm not sure if heavier bullets reduce the pressure. Maybe that could help.
  6. Does it fit before you roll size?
  7. The parts for each conversion kit are shown in the manual for both presses. Have a read.
  8. Is your toolhead bolt tight? I had some high primers and wierd things happening and it had loosened. Are you sure the feeder mechanism that pushes the primer slide is in correctly? Its possible to tighten down the primer assembly and this lands on top of the primer slide and not in the gap it needs to be in.
  9. How good is an on press trimmer. I got my lyman trim die this morning finally. I didnt have any trouble with stuck cases or not enough of the case sticking out of the top. My brass was all sized with the dillon sizing die. The die screws in deep, It would be better on a short tool head but works fine. Just can't fit the die nut on top.
  10. Ive got an older mark 7 that does 2400 on a 1050. It can load at that speed but its stressful to watch. I don't think its sustainable. You are just waiting for a problem at that speed. 1800 is a nice pace and you can stop it if you see an upside down bullet or something. When I preprocess 2400 seems ok but sometimes a case will jam on insertion into the shell plate, it might jam for a second then gets thrown across the room or it will clutch out. It is much smoother at lower speeds. My unit is 4 or so years old, the tablet has never been buggy. A friend has a mark 7 on his 1100. No complaints.
  11. Not without modification. When I bought an x5 from Shooters Delight they sent it with 2 226 mags by accident.
  12. I have a memory like a gold fish, I will have to check.
  13. I found I had more cases not feed into the fancy shellplate. Went back to the dillon.
  14. Have you checked your powder charge on different scales?
  15. Why are you yelling when we all agree? I could get the crimp good enough so it didn't setback but the bullet feeder die was the source problem. The important thing is to check for setback. Ive never had primers pop out when shooting the gun. How much clearance is there between your barrel hood and breachface?
  16. In the OP he said 1.16 so maybe its just a typo. Have you done the bench press test yet? When I first started loading long I'd get bullet setback unless my crimp was spot on. Too much crimp and I had setback. Too little and I had setback. My bullet feeder die was flaring the case deeper than the bullet would seat so there was no neck tension.
  17. Push a loaded round against a bench with a little bit of pressure and see it if shrinks in OAL.
  18. That is damaged. That centre groove should continue all the way to the bottom.
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