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I'm curious..


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I know it's not the trickest set-up, but it'll get me introduced to Open mindedness.

I'm thinking about converting one of my .40 Limited guns to Open.

I have a BarSto certificate and it's got me thinking about dropping a "semi-fit" threaded .40 bbl into one of these Benny Hill built beauties. I'm an idiot when it comes to Open gun technology, but I suppose if I did drop a bbl in, I could then screw a compensator on the thing? :blink:


The performance of a "semi-fit" barrel. With Open guns being so sensitive, will an other-than-perfect-fit of the barrel be cause for concern?

Clocking of the comp. If I tell BarSto what comp I'm going to use, will the threads be perfect so the comp will clock correctly when tight?

Should I just sell this BarSto certificate and have Benny fit an STI TruBor in .400?


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You guys who shoot Open just look like you're having a blast!

I figure that this cheap set-up will get me going on "tracking the dot" and better my understanding of what real Open gun I'd want in the future.

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TDean, I have a set up like that and Benny built it , so much for the heart attack. Its almost, but not quite, a real open gun. Bullets are a problem, 155s are just not quite lite enough and 135s cost a arm and leg. Mag cap is just a little short, a 170 .40 mag holds 24, maybe 25, just not quite enough. Like I said almost a real open gun. Shoots good though. Clocking the comp. takes a little more than knowing the threads,(threads are the same either way), usually some has to be cut off the slide or the comp. BUT, have Benny set it up in super useing the .40 slide, he builds guns with a super barrel and a .40 barrel all the time. All you need then are mags and a c more and can still switch back.-------Larry

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SS, that would be the logical thing to do... ;)

Lynn, I was thinking about that. So with comps, when you tighten it down, do you want it clocked perfectly at a given torque?

Is locktite used?

lkytx, so I can run 38Super in the .40 slide?

The would be the ticket! Are there slide rackers that fit in a bomar cut? :)

Maybe I'll just throw a 38Super semi-fit (threaded) in there and do a little homesmith compensator job. A guy's gotta learn somehow.

What length threaded barrel should I use?


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TDean, yup super in a 40, may take a little extractor tuneing but like I said Benny has done a bunch of them. 5.5 threaded on the barrel. If it runs you don't need or want a slide racker. I think they had a mount for a doctor or optima(now j point) that fit the bo mar cut.-----------Larry

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OK, I guess I will be the voice of dissent. :P

Tom, I think that if I were standing in your shoes, I would hit-up the USPSA classifieds and my buddies, looking for a decent inexpensive used Open gun. If you plan on converting to the dark-side at some point, you will need to buy the stuff to convert your press anyway.

IMO, If you are trying to figure what you seem to like in an open gun, you may not even get a good baseline with something semi-cobbled together. If you buy something purpose-built for Open, you will not doubt yourself if you start thinking you would like it longer/shorter/lighter/heavier. Once you have got your learning curve down, and know what you like, sell it, basically re-couping 85%+ of the cost, and buy a new one from Benny "The Man" Hill.

I think I remember reading that you like a light 5" Limited gun. (short dustcover, light slide, no tungsten) So, you may prefer the light/short open vs the 5.5" heavy. The only way to know is to make an effort to try a few of each flavor. Hopefully, a few friends in your area will show you the lightsabres of the dark side. If you are ever in Kansas City, I can get you some trigger time on a shorty that I like.

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I appreciate your points Bill.

I think I would prefer a standard weight gun. Not heavy not light. I don't like hybrid holes, the concussion from Lisa's SV is down right unpleasant inside 3yds.

I just want an effective comp on a gun that runs 100%

I do like short dust covers on my Limited guns, but that's only because I think they look better. I do have Tungsten rods and Stainless magwells. One of thre Lim guns has a lightened slide, but the jury's still out on that.

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Could you be thinking about fitting a new barrel with a cone comp to one of TDean's limited guns? Throw a Doctor sight in the rear sight cut and you're ready to run (while still being able to convert back to limited configuration).


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