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Sticking 550.

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Hello all,

So I have a "Old" 550, you know no zerts in it, no B stamped on it.

What I am experiencing it a "sticking", or "freezing" of the action while returning the handle to the up position before seating the primer.

I have taken the press apart, cleaned all the parts, lubed and reassembled it. This has not resolved the issue.

Has anyone had this issue, and if so how did you fix this.


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I would say to call Dillon directly and ask them. I can think of several things off the top of my head it could be from the cam being damaged/bent, something out of spec, a bearing going bad... just much easier to call the manufacturer direct as that is what they do and have probably seen it before. :) They may have you ship it to them and they will rebuild it if necessary.

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Are you talking about after you lower the handle(ram up) anf then start the up stroke of the handle? What it sounds like is the powder funnel sticking in the case. New brass? Brass cleaned with chemicals? If thats whats happending. Take the funnel out, chuck it in a drill and polish it with 1000 grit wet/dry paper. Worked for me.

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Try loosening the Primer Housing Screws (2 going up into the Primer Housing/Shield), they may be to tight. The primer Housing/Sheild and the Bearing(teflon coated) dont have enough room for the Primer Slide to move freely.

If that doesnt work...call Dillion at 1800 223-4570. They are the best.

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Star by running it up and down with out anything on the shell plate and see if you get it to "Stick". If that goes ok, Load One round through each station and determine where you're hanging up. Once you've isolated which station it, Adjust that die and try it again.

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