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Found 13 results

  1. So... recently been working with virgin Lapua .308 Palma (SRP) brass and Fed 205M primers on the old Dillon RL550B. Hadn't been having a problem before with my ~8x fired brass, but I needed to switch over to new brass, so... Started experiencing the occasional 'full stop' when I went to push the handle forward to prime the case. Pull it out, everything looks fine. Try it again... no go. Dig that primer out, cycle the primer slide to get a fresh one, and that one usually went in just fine. Tight, being brand new Lapua brass, but fine. I tried seating the 'problem' primer in another case - no
  2. I have a Dillon SDB and have loaded many thousands of 9mm/45ACP/357Mag/380ACP rounds with it, but now I am wanting to be able to add rifle reloading--mainly 308, 7.62x54R and 223/5.56. I do shoot some Steel Challenge and may add-on IDPA soon, but my round count is probably on the low side as compared to many here. I am leaning heavily towards the RL550 as a replacement to my SDB, but unsure how the 550 is advertised as having a faster round production number per hour when the shellplate is manually indexed. It seems the SDB might actually be faster than a 550 without the case feeder since the
  3. So, I've decided that I want to begin the next chapter in my shooting career, and am intending to set up a 550 press very soon. Firstly, I need recommendations on a potential gear list for a new-to-reloading guy with a 550 series Dillon. I am a mechanically inclined, do it yourself-er. I am shooting about 5 thousand rounds annually, with two main calibers, 9mm and 5.56. I also want to reload my 6.5 Grendel which may for all but CQB steel replace my 5.56 BCM. I want to improve my shooting mastery, and find a load my Grendel really performs with. I have spent dozens of ho
  4. Ok I have been loading on my 550 on and off for 10 years. Up until last year I was loading 1k of something then changing calibers. Now that I'm shooting mostly 40sw I have been doing huge batches right now I'm in the middle of a 10k run and have been having problems with the primer slider sticking just short of going all they way back on the up stroke and not picking up a new primer. I Can fix this problem if I pull the primer assembly every 1 k or so and clean the underside of the slide. When I do this no problems its just a pain to pull it off every 1000 rounds. Is there anything I can
  5. Earlier this year, I bought a 550 for 38 spl, and also caliber conversions for 9 mm and .45 acp (with powder measures, dies etc, the whole thing). So far, I used it mainly for 38 and some 9 mm. This afternoon I was going to convert it to .45. There is no primer bar (primer slide) for the large primers anywhere to be found. Does the press come with both, large and small bar?? It was set up with the small bar, and I went through all the stuff that came with it, and did not find a large primer bar. Odd.....
  6. XL550B I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything on it. At the moment I'm loading .357MAG, using new Starline brass. Seems to be decent brass. But, it seems to be sticking on the powder drop tube. I can clean it off with a q-tip and alcohol, but that only last for a few cases. There are streaks of what looks like brass on the lower part of the tube up to the enlarged portion which bells the brass. Is there any way to eliminate this sticking. Very annoying and upsets the smoothness of the press.
  7. Well last night I shot my load! I've been saving up for a while and last night, got my order to Brian for my first progressive / dillon / 550 reloader. Now the wait...
  8. I'm building my reloading bench prior to the arrival of my 550B w/ Strong Mount and want to be sure I don't have a bench support where I need to put a mounting bolt. Should the Strong Mount be attached flush with the front of the benchtop? What is the bolt pattern dimensions? I plan on a stand-up bench and am 5'-6" tall. I've read that the handle should be at shoulder height. What is the distance from the bench to the handle with the Strong Mount? Thanks, Heli Av8tor
  9. Hey guys. I've had my 550 I purchased through enos now for a couple of months. For the first couple of thousand rounds I have been using my already federal match primed 9mm cases. These were pulled due to a bad load. Long story. So a few days ago I re-insert the decap pin and start loading up. Very soon there after I noticed a common occurrence. I am talking like 20% of the time I am either getting no primer in the primer cup or the primer is upside down when in the cup. I read up online. Watched some videos. I thought it was the thin bar that goes from the primer tube down through t
  10. I have 3 1050s with one in 45acp, 9mm and 308. I've been loading everything else on a couple of 550's. I shoot a lot of volume in handguns and lately have become addicted to 38S. I'm thinking about going to the trouble to change my 308 s1050 to load 38Super and load my 308 on a 550. My thought is, I shoot 308 for accuracy and not volume and with the amount of Super I'm shooting, it would be better served loaded on a 1050. The biggest lost is the crimp swage on the 1050 but Dillons hand crimp is fast enough to remove crimps for 308 cases in the volume I shoot..3,000 plus or minus a year. Am
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am new to the forum and soon to be new to reloading. I plan to be loading 9mm, .45 acp, .223 & 5.56 (what differences in parts and process are there between the two?) and will be wanting to add an additional larger rifle round in the future that is yet to be determined. (any suggestions?) I am looking at the 550, 650, or 1050 and so far am leaning toward the 650 but was curious what others thought about the rounds I am looking to do and if such a thing makes any difference. Thanks, Derick
  12. Hello all, I'm a new loader running into a lot of problems that are frankly making me want to give up, sell my stuff, and buy more factory ammo instead. I'm hoping someone can help me... Relevant Equipment list: RL550B press, Dillon dies (.223), Lyman .223 case gauge, "WFT" .223 trimmer Relevant Components list: Hornady 75gr BTHP Match bullets, Wolf .223 primers, once-fired Lake City brass (fired from my rifle, all from the same case of Federal M193), H335 powder, 2.260 COAL Relevant Firearm: home built AR built around a White Oak 20" 1:7 SDM barrel When I first got my press, everything se
  13. Hello all, So I have a "Old" 550, you know no zerts in it, no B stamped on it. What I am experiencing it a "sticking", or "freezing" of the action while returning the handle to the up position before seating the primer. I have taken the press apart, cleaned all the parts, lubed and reassembled it. This has not resolved the issue. Has anyone had this issue, and if so how did you fix this. Kevin
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