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  1. My dad passed away Wednesday morning, 3/5. MSGT USAF Ret., father of 6, wonderful man and awesome musician, guitar and steel guitar. He will be missed.
  2. I agree with Rhoidie, 45ACP Dot and Patrick, trigger control first. I have seen people shoot targets accurately (at 25 yds) with a loose one handed grip. Accuracy is in the trigger control. Speed is in the grip i.e. - getting the gun back on target rapidly, so grip second. Edited to add - (There are other things that go into shooting fast, my thought is that they are third after grip.)
  3. Perhaps you misunderstood my comment, I do not look at the previous shooters score sheet.
  4. Not always true. Determining the score can include seeing the hits, or recalling the hits from the previous shooter. Not the best practice as you can have someone challenge you as an RO on your calls and bring that back up in possible arbitration or any other issue. Call it as the book calls it and go on that way you have a solid work record and can be relied upon when MDs are looking for Staff I was pointing out that there are methods of determining the hits even when the same caliber is shot, I was not implying that I score without knowing the score, as Sarge said if there is any question
  5. Not always true. Determining the score can include seeing the hits, or recalling the hits from the previous shooter.
  6. The crimp is not what prevents setback, over-crimping can cause it/ contribute to it though. I haven't had any issues with 45 ACP CBC brass, using Federal and Winchester primers.
  7. Yes, 5.56 and 223 use the same dies. The LC brass will probably need swaging of the primer pockets (they are normally crimped on military/ surplus brass and some commercial).
  8. Are the Zero's plated? Mine have all been jacketed. When I tried these 2 manufacturers the same bullet design (JHP) and weight gave me pretty much the same power factor. (Round nose may be a little different though compared to JHP.)
  9. To repeat - shoot it, pay attention and you will learn a lot.
  10. I would say contact John Amidon for clarification, because the match director makes the call you may want a note from John to be safe.
  11. It would be a good idea to pull a bullet and make sure you are not cutting the plating, as this can cause seperation of the plating and accuracy problems. Especially on plated bullets you want to just remove the belling, not really crimp. (Case tension holds the bullet, not the crimp. Wasp waist (coke bottle) rounds are your friend.)
  12. If you are talking about the round plates a peice of 4" channel iron works well. You could also weld a short peice on top of a peice of 1/2" rebar.
  13. Our favorite Steak House, good steaks, good rolls, good sides, good price.
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