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It was funny how they kept trying to talk at the same time.

Yeah I noticed that! It was like she was doing a satellite feed from the other side of the world for crying out loud.

I think she represented the shooting community well.

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she is a great spokesperson for us and did a great job

This is what we need more of

More positive

more educational and informative representation of firearm ownership

not these wanna be gun store commandos decked out in camo or idiots like Jame Yeager and his video

need to be inviting your local media out to your range and matches, contacting local news paper as well

taking this video of Jessie and making it go viral by posting it everywhere

make rational arguments

example before 9/11

security for flying was about the airport, not in the air

after 9/11

increased security (air marshalls) in the air

locked down cabins

trained pilots on firearms

firearms in cockpits

why can't we put this same logic into our schools?

the founder fathers never imagined the types of firearms that would be available 200 years later when they wrote the 2nd amendment argument can be quickly dissolved with:

do you think the founding fathers imagined the internet, facebook, social media, 500 tv channels, cell phones, tablets, wifi, magazines, newspapers, text messaging when they wrote the 1st amendment?

before I go and get this locked, there is alot more that can be done then tagging a plus 1 on this thread or putting it on your fb page, put it on your local news fb page

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