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  1. This you can use a full sized smooth trigger.
  2. Blue Ridge or NRA HQ range to practice. NRA HQ firearms museum, Air and Space Museum near Dulles, it's worth the trip. Fly out of Dulles (IAD) for Fairfax, DCA second choice. Don't fly out of BWI, its 2+ hours in traffic if you have make a flight.
  3. This, learn from it, even top level shooters get DQed. During stage planning, try and go left to right if your right handed, opposite if your left handed.
  4. This, I was able to source longer screws at Lowes and paint them black to match. Also it depends on which belt you are wearing and how it fits and if you are using a tech-lock or other attachement.
  5. Plus one on ROing wife/GF/SO. Same goes with teaching them to shoot or shoot better.
  6. Ok I'll bite, who produces 9mm Major ammo? Wish Atlanta Arms would, I have a gift certificate.
  7. 7.7g CFE, 124jhp MG, CCI 500 will make 180+PF in a 5" 4 hole STI.
  8. I've had scores posted 45 days later, if its a classifier and it makes a difference, then push the issue, otherwise focus on the next match. I also would doublecheck at the next match either at checkin or during scoring, it can be changed prior to upload. MDs do get busy, but you are a client.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419009934905827.1073741853.242639402542882&type=1
  10. I had a local holster maker mold me an open kydex holster that covered the C-more. Worked great at 3 gun match, and protected the gun from getting banged around and even going prone was fine. I have since changed to a 90 mount for the c-more, so won't be able to use it. Will get a newer holster make when I get a chance.
  11. Sounds like a standard filter, similar to what schools and others use.
  12. Due to economic circumstances, may need to give up my slot currently on squad 14. If you didn't get a slot or have a friend, teammate, etc that wants to shoot, send me a PM.
  13. Tag for interest, considering going this route since I get some FTEs hanging up on the standard mount. I also have the 6 hole STI slide and wonder if I'm going to have to get a blank and drill it or if I can use the 5 hole mount and not put the 6th screw in?
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