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  1. Lots of dry fire. I never even notice it to be perfectly honest. Once the buzzer goes off, all I focus on is sight picture. The trigger never once even enters my mind.
  2. haha, I can give you actual real data tonight if you need. Please shoot me a PM or email to remind me and I can get you the real numbers including actual outside temps.
  3. Using WST under a 147gr 9mm bullet, my summer tests compared to my winter tests were only between 3-4pf in difference. My notebook is at home, so I can't give you actual data this second. However it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be based on hearing people complain about it. "that SHOULD be fine"
  4. I put an IPSC target on top of the arms, white side facing the machine, and some rocks on it to prevent the wind from blowing it over. There is plenty of indirect light and the readings are dead on.
  5. I love WST for 147gr 9mm. I currently load BBI 147gr, 3.6 WST, 1.125" OAL and it nails 129-130 PF and is soft and clean. Wonderful round.
  6. Agreed! My wife used to be an assistant store manager and I really miss the free coffee and hot chocolate we used to get. Partner's got a lot of free drinks and weekly coffee by the pound.
  7. And to give you data for that worksheet... I buy Magtech small pistol primers at $22/1000 and my powder at $86/8lb all cash out the door. Those are buying group discount prices so not sure what others can get. So for me, 9mm and 40s&w (I get my bullets for nearly the same price) are loaded at $90.75 / 1000 rounds
  8. Do you have anything with a known constant velocity? I can throw a baseball approximately 95f/s. haha
  9. 0 Down unless you are required to hit the body specifically.
  10. That the exact same thing in watching it haha
  11. Pensfan


    I have pistols from both Stuart at CZC and David at CGW and they are excellent. Either route is going to get you a fine pistol.
  12. Since a 2011 is going to take between 6 to 18 months to acquire based on your builder, I would do the basic upgrades on the G35 for Limited, shoot the heck out of it this season, learn the Limited game, then go full out 2011 when your new custom pistol is ready.
  13. Pensfan

    Christmas Gifts

    Our kids are all out of town for various reasons rightnow and will be back pon Friday, so we are doing our Christmas on Saturday morning... however one gift I have the wife had me pick out for exact details is a new Henning Flat Trigger System for my Tanfo Match setup for Limited / Lim10.
  14. Have a blessed and merry Christmas everyone!
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