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Friday Flame War 18 Jan 13


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What, another flame war? This is just another feeble attempt by the intellectually deprived to bring some minuscule excitement into an otherwise dull and useless existence. I empty my nose on your pathetic flame war.

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Hmm, Steve Anderson " Refinement and Repetition, Dry-loading Drills for Dramatic Improvement"

Oh yea, back to the thread:

If you are going to drive slow, don't do it in the #1 lane...

And a classic: I still hate the 405...

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Top ten reasons not to live in California

10. If you eat cheeseburgers of the meat variety, you are shunned.

9. Cost of living.

8. Hollywood.

7. Fires.

6. Earthquakes.

5. Smog.

4. Gun laws.

3. Traffic.

2. Taxes.

And the number one reason not to live in California.... Despite the other 9 reasons, delusional Californians still think they have it better than anyone else in the country.

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