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Wheelguns and Kilts And Cigars

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Gary - You are my new hero. BTW, Great meeting you at the NROI class.

Also wasn't there an SO at the S&W Indoor Nationals a couple years ago sporting a kilt?

Last I shot that match was 2009 and no one I saw there but there is a regular IDPA shooter other than me that shoots in a Kilt. They are best in summer with a slight breeze :surprise:

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Surely one of these two can help you out.



And also, what was an April Fools day prank by 5.11 turned into such a demand, they are making a limited run of them:


All I'm missing is a wheel gun now. :blink:

Just thought I'd share those links. I have ordered from all three.

Like he said..... FREEDOM :roflol:

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