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  1. And sometimes good enough is good enough. How many years did we Bring Our Own Straightedges? It's not a matter of economics, but rather geography -- the stack of extra overlays on my reloading bench at home is harder to reach than the hotel room key in the back pocket of my shorts.
  2. Come on now, those posts have some insightful s#!t, strewn down the Unread Content page as they are. At least it's a 4 year old account....
  3. Some of us have a near lifetime supply of the old school ones for club matches and such. And as Jay says, a hotel room key card works great as a straight edge. Especially when both of the ROs on my stage forgot to bring their own overlays to work a major and we're sharing mine. (how does that even happen?)
  4. It's pistol powder... not precision rifle loads for the Olympics. Relax......
  5. I kick myself for wasting money on the Hornady bullet feeder, go with the Mr and be done with it. Your hearing and sanity will thank you.
  6. That doesn't apply to non-residents, and it has more to do with corporate policy FUD at Cabelas than gun law strictness. Or, the Cabela's salesperson knew you were wasting their time since you weren't going to be buying one of their handguns in Illinois, and didn't want to deal with you. I've taken friends and colleagues from out of state out to a range or gun shop several times and once they show an out-of-state ID they're fine. Illinois cops don't care that you have a gun in the trunk either, we've had concealed carry for 4 years and they're all used to dealing with armed residents by now.
  7. The PPQ "extended" (+2) factory mags do fit in the production box. I think because the grip is so squished on the PPQ maybe?
  8. Not to be overly pedantic, but the COF is not complete until "Range is Clear" is given.
  9. Three thoughts -- Charging a fee up front (other than for classifieds) is a huge barrier to entry for new shooters -- all those google results would suddenly hit a pay wall, and what new guy is going to say "I just wanted to learn a bit about USPSA, why would I buy a membership on a site I've never heard of?" It would be a self-defeating policy, and leads to the death of the forum in the long term. I can't understand the $330/month hosting cost for this site, sure it's relatively high traffic, but hosting plans just aren't that expensive these days. I think the current host is on a gravy train.... Last time I looked at the donation form, it wasn't even set up with any SSL encryption, so anyone who's donated had their credit card info transmitted in plain text across the internet. Brian's subjecting himself to substantial financial liability if something gets compromised; Visa and the other brands are getting very aggressive with their fines lately. Starting in 2018 most browsers are going to start throwing more aggressive security warnings for sites that aren't running security certs.
  10. That whole issue probably does, you and TGO are referred to in just about every article!
  11. If you look at how primers actually ignite, you'll see there's nothing to be all that nervous about if they're just seated upside down in the brass. It's not the firing pin itself that makes the bang noise....
  12. No one shoots L10 or Revolver, and yet.... Maybe it was just ahead of its time.
  13. It's "just" a DVC -- by which I mean, those aren't uncommon models and if you decide you want it back in a couple years, it won't be hard to replace. It's not like a one-of-a-kind custom or anything, right? (Granted -- I'm speaking as someone who has never sold a single gun I own )
  14. You must be confusing USPSA with IDPA -- we don't simulate "bad guys" in this sport; just a couple different shapes of cardboard and steel.
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