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  1. Atlas' Stock 3, out of the box, trigger pull numbers are almost spot on what I saw on my Stock 3.
  2. I recently found a 40s&w Stock 3 on Gunbroker for a decent price that I'm going to convert to a dedicated, SAO Limited gun. From the factory, it came with a 10.5-11lb DA / 4.5lb SA trigger. The smothness and slight camming of the SA break is pretty decent for a stock trigger. Way better than the CZ stock hammers I've had. So far I've only ordered a bunch of springs, extended firing pin and some extra mags. Is it worth buying a new (Delta, Titan, EGW, etc) hammer, or should I just cut down the hammer hooks a little, ditch the interrupter/disconnector and polish to taste? Is it possible to modify a CZC flat aluminum trigger to work with a large frame Tanfo?
  3. I assume the m3k parts are on the bottom and the stock m3000 parts are on top? Where is your article going to be published?
  4. A local gun shop has a lightly used, stock VersaMax for ~$700. At that price would I be better off with a new M3K or the used VersaMax?
  5. I'll know more once I get to SHOT but rumors are...1. serial number moved rearward to allow load port mods. 2. load port is more open then the standard M3000. 3. Oversized Bolt release 4. oversized bolt handle 5. oversized safety 6. 3 chokes for 3-gun 7. lifter is slightly longer 8. exterior of mag tube is smoother 9. Rebate or certificate for mag tube Shut up and take my money.
  6. I agree. It's a great strategy invented by STI only their QC went down hill after the company changed hands. If they can pull off a nicely machined gun that will run out of the box every time, CK will be giving STI a run for their money. That's great for us because it will force STI to step up their game.
  7. Too bad FGW decided to ditch their Benos Tent. I hate Facebook pages especially commercial ones.
  8. How does the Dillon, slide style, powder measure compare to the Hornady/RCBS rotary drum style?
  9. I believe you need something like 50 posts before you can upload attachments. You also need to use the full editor to see the attachment options.
  10. Dear Demigod Angus, Please, please, please convince CZ to build a .40 S&W Shadow top end. Please, please, please. Blind Bat
  11. are you looking for a 16 inch barrel or one of the pistol/SBR length uppers? I have a 7" barreled RRA flattop upper I would sell. It has their new half-quad mid length handguard. I could also include a Spikes tactical magwell block, 3 mags, and/or the pistol buffer tube if you are interested. Let me know if you have any questions.


  12. Hey TK,

    Is the Aftec extractor you have for sale the 38 Super version or the SC version? Are the springs new or will they need to be replaced?



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