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Speedcross 3 question


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Hello: They will loosen up a little after wearing them a while. I have a pair of the XR Crossmax Guidance I wear every day and they have loosened up also. Wear some thicker socks to help them loosen up. I used some Smartwool and Wigwam winter socks to stretch them a little. They are great shoes to wear all day but I get funny looks since mine are bright red and green :roflol: The kids at the soccer pitch think they look cool but my shooting buddies think they should come with protective eye wear so thats why I wear my Rudy Rydons :cheers: Hope this helps. Thanks, Eric

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Or... don't wear socks. I have some Merrell Sonic Gloves I wear for shooting sometimes when there's not a ton of water on the ground. I run em without socks. They're one size less than I normally wear with socks, and fit like, well, gloves :D

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