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  1. I paid $300 for 5k of .22LR CCI mini mag in the spring of 2012. Somebody was looking out for me!
  2. E K


    I like that. I will have to give that a try.
  3. E K


    Good stuff. I also like setting a target at 7,15 & 25 yards. Draw and 2 alphas at 7 yards. Repeat at 15 & 25 yards. Compare your times and work on reducing times between 7&25 while maintaining accuracy.
  4. I need to hear more about this shooting dojo! Well, think 24' wide by 64' long with 10' ceiling. Then think bullet trap along one entire 24' end. That's about it. There is a club in Michigan that holds indoor shoots during the winter. Their building is a lot bigger than what I am doing, but I've studied their bullet trap and it is a fairly simple design. I won't be able to do the building and the trap all at once, but it will happen!! Just think, 20 yard shots, INDOORS!!! I'm so stoked, plus it's an indoor facility that Excellence in Shooting (EIS) can use as an Indiana base of operations. Recently had to cancel an EIS training session due to rain and flooding, won't happen in the future. Also gives me A place to shoot in the winter, geez, heat and insulation, more $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!! LOL I'll post pics when it's being built!!! Sweet. I'll have to come over and check it out when its done. I'll be training with that Keen fellow this weekend. Looking forward to it. I need to start taking better advantage of him being in my backyard.
  5. I need to hear more about this shooting dojo!
  6. They sold me one I was told they will only sell to armorers or I could send my gun in and they would do it (5+ months!)
  7. It doesn't appear to be for sale from Apex either.
  8. S&W won't sell the general public this barrel
  9. Now that I've had more time to think about it I think Cheely was in on the stage designs! Devious plot to chase guys from production & sell more guns!
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