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Weaver 1-5x


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I won't know to much until after the match this weekend. But with the little shooting I did, I think the reticle at 1x is just about perfect for up close. At 5x, I easily spun the double spinner at 165 yards in just 6 shots.

I'm not sure what the lines would compare to in another scope. I have only played with a few and this is my first scope with a first focal plain reticle. I like it, but will wait until after I shoot it in an actual match.

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I shot it this weekend at the Montana State Multi-Gun and just loved it. Only shot out to around 450 with it, but the BDC dope I had combined with what weaver provides was spot on. We had 14 rifle targets on stage one, from 150 out to 400 and I only had to throw 2 extra rounds to nail each one twice. I also had the best finish I have yet had at a multi-gun match, so this scope is a keeper for me. I will still go for the Leu 1-6 with a custom reticle when they come out, but the Weaver will stay in the game.

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