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  1. I'm going to shoot Production in our state match in about a month. I plan on shooting a G34 MOS. It has Dawson front and rear FO sights. The lower one's, not the taller co-witness sights. I'd like to run either Dawson or Taran base pads on my mags, to help them drop free a little better. Does anyone know if it will still fit the box with the base pads and the sights that I am thinking? After the state match, I plan on removing the sights and putting on a Delta Point then shooting CO. I'm only shooting Production because that is the only slot I could get for the match. Does CO allow for longer mags than Production?
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. Sounds like all three choices are good to go.
  3. I'm looking to add a Deltapoint Pro or Sig Romeo 1 to my Glock 19. Maybe shoot carry optics for fun but it is really for a truck and concealed carry gun. Two questions. First is opinions on the Romeo 1 vs Deltapoint Pro. Both have the motion activation that is a must have for me, since it is a carry gun. Second question is dot size. Romeo is a 3 and DPP is a 2.5 or 7. Is the 7 just to big?
  4. I'm looking to order a new spotting scope in the next few days. I'll use it for seeing shots on paper, hits on steel (1,200 yards and less) and possibly for hunting. I'd like to be able to see shots on paper out to 300 yards for sure and a bit further would be a great bonus. I'm looking at the Viper 20-60 and the Razor 16-48 or 20-60. The most attractive is the 16-48 Razor, but I'm concerned about seeing hits on paper with the lower magnification. Anyone have experience with these spotters they came to share? Anyone tried to see shots on paper with a 48x?
  5. I'm not worried about weight at all. My hunting grounds start right when I step off the front porch. I don't plan on using it as a pack gun. I've got a bolt gun for when I want to do long range precision and want to add an AR platform 308 on my budget. $400ish is all I want to spend on the barrel. I'll probably just roll the dice and try out the proof. I've heard really great stuff about the carbon fiber barrels.
  6. I'm going to build an AR10 and trying to figure out the choice of barrel. I know I want 20" or possibly longer. I have heard great things about the Proof fiber barrels but they are out of my price range. Does anyone have experience with the Proof stainless steel barrels? They are half the price and more in line with my budget. I can also get a Mega 20" for $310 but wanted to check out the Proof stainless option first. Advice is appreciated. This will be for a multi-purpose rifle. Some hunting, some plinking and I definitely want to build it so it can reach of with precision at longer ranges.
  7. I ended up getting a 10.5" Odin with pistol gas. Will be building it this weekend and putting it on a pistol lower for now. I'll start another form 1 from my trust to sbr a lower I have laying around. A couple months and I'll be able to use it as it should be used.
  8. I'm seriously considering building a 300 BO for shooting suppressed. Would probably be 90% sub-sonic but will retain the ability to shoot supersonic as well. I will not be reloading and would most likely shoot Freedom Munitions ammo. I have a host upper I would cannibalize for the build. All I need to swap out on a .223 upper is the barrel, correct? I can continue to use my JP LMOS BCG with JP Bolt, correct? I would probably go with a SLR or SYRAC adjustable gas block. I don't want to wait on another stamp, so I'm thinking a Faxon or Odinworks 16" barrel with carbine gas. Any other suggestions on barrel choices or other build considerations?
  9. Thought I would update the thread with my final results. I know I could have gotten it a fair bit lighter if I was willing to invest more $$$, but I like the balance of weight vs. cost I hit. Complete upper ended up at 48.25 ounces. I'm into a total of $690 with all new parts. Kept the price that low by using a blem handguard. I could have knocked off 2 ounces with a 2A Armament upper, but it would have added $200 to the cost. I could have knocked off 5 ounces with a carbon fiber handguard, but it would have added at least $125. Anderson Sport Upper Faxon 16" .625 Barrel TACCOM .625 Adjustable Comp Generic Adjustable .625 gas block Odinworks 15" Handguard JP LMOS BCG Bravo Company Charging Handle
  10. I'm trying to build the lightest upper my budget will allow. I'm now at the point I need to pick a BCG and it is down to a Seekins or Voodoo. I have found availability on both and price is very close. Done some reading of the forum and would like some additional feedback comparing the two. Are they both going to deliver comparable reliability? I'll be running a 16" faxon pencil barrel with the full length gas and an adjustable gas block. Will be shooting factory ammo so I won't have the option of tailoring my loads. I have a spare JP silent spring that I'd like to use if it would work well. Any thoughts of that?
  11. Will Glock mags work in mag pouches purchased for an M&P? I am thinking Bladetech specifically. Thanks.
  12. I did get an adjustable gas block. Going with the basic Luth AR stock. Still looking at hand guards trying to decide what to get. I plan on the Taccom comp.
  13. Thanks all. Some very good suggestions and options all consolidated into one post. It took a bunch of looking and I was able to find a Faxon 16" barrel with the mid gas port that was the light version for $129. Got the last one they had. I added the Faxon low profile gas block as well. For an upper I went with the smooth Anderson at AIM for $39.95, cannot beat that price for a decent upper. It was a toss up between the Voodoo and Faxon. The Faxon was almost half the price, so I went with that. The Voodoo was a great looking option and I am going to go with the Voodoo low mass BCG. The V7 stuff looks really nice but is a bit to spendy for my goal on this build. The DD barrels are also a little to spendy. With the Anderson upper, Faxon barrel and Voodoo BCG, I will be into it $400. Now I just need to figure what hand guard and order a gas tube. I have a cheap mil spec charging handle that weighs almost nothing that should do the job. Appreciate all the great suggestions, it really helped. I had not ever heard of the Faxon barrel before. I'll post pics and weight in a few weeks when everything gets in. I have never installed a gas block on a new barrel. Anything I should know about, as far as gotchas, before I try it? Looks pretty straight forward. REPTOID, I would like to thank you for all the great responses. In three replies, all you did was criticize and offered no input on the question asked. I guess it is a great way to bump your post count. Thanks.
  14. I am looking to build a new upper with the goal of making it as light as I can afford. I know as light as humanly possible is out of my price range, so I am seeking some advice on parts. I have a DPMS 3G1 with a UBR and the rifle is pretty heavy, so I built a new lower with a Luth stock and that lower is much lighter than the DPMS/UBR lower. Now I want to match an upper to it. I cannot even come close to affording a Proof Research barrel, so what would you guys suggest? I'm looking for 18" as ideal but 16" would work as well. I'm thinking the carbon fiber hand guard but open to suggestions on a keymod that is really light. Any other advice/suggestions keeping both low budget and weight in mind are appreciated.
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