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  1. The SCAR 16 can be quite competitive against the AR given the right type of match. Quick, run n gun rifle stages with targets under 50 yds the AR's have the edge in speed. On mid and long range courses, the 16 is quite capable. The SCAR 17 rules over 308 AR's. They are one of the softest shooting 308's on the market. ...although my opinion may be considered biased...
  2. Yeah, way too much downforce. You might need one top port at half of the diameter you currently have.
  3. Leupold Prismatic The glass etched reticle gives you some really crisp edges to work with when you're trying to be precise on small, long-range targets. Erik
  4. Yes, I can drive the shotgun between plates that fast. Would I ever run that hard in an actual competition?...probably not. Consider that we all try to manage our loads to shoot one-for-one on any given stage; a miss is at least 2 additional seconds. It's more beneficial to slow down a bit and not run 100% of your capability, to ensure you make all you hits. Now a shotgun side match is an entirely different story and I will let it fly, but the that's a different game. The video was primary a demonstration of shotgun recoil control with full power ammo. All 5 shots hit a steel IPSC plate at 10 yds. Phil Strader videod the run and can confirm the hits. Erik
  5. I've got a SV Infinity slide with the interchangeable breech face. I went to purchase a .40 breechface and discovered that SV offers several different sizes in a .40 breechface. Any recommendations? I will most likely use it for a 10mm build, but .40 S&W is also not out of the question. Thanks, Erik
  6. I've always liked the 7mmRUM. Gonna use it as my long range caliber on my next build...unless I get crazy and make a 6.5mm RUM wildcat. Erik
  7. I think it has more to do with reticle design rather than magnification range. Personally, I'd rather use a 1-4x with a good reticle compared to a 1-6x with a crappy or useless one. Erik
  8. That comp looks very familiar.....hmmm Erik
  9. Pat...how the hell do you live in Alaska and only have a 100 yard range! I always have this mental image of everyone in Alaska having their own private 1000 yd range out their back door. Erik
  10. How dare you confuse his claim with facts! J/K... Puma, Thank you for your support!! I'm a big fan of the Titan also, but there are quite a few Surefires, JP's, and Thundercomps in the winner's circle too. Erik
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