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  1. Looks like Mike Seeklander was high overall at Nationals. It could not happen to a better guy. Good talent, great plan and work ethic.
  2. Thank you. Detailed thought process helps some of us more than others.
  3. I was taking a carbine class with a buddy and we were shooting uspsa metric targets at about 65 yards and had been transitioning to our handguns but Seeklander said not to worry about it at this distance. I was using my duty Glock with about a 7 lbs trigger and called a head shot to my buddy. One alpa, in the head, not to be reproduced.
  4. 11 years a M. Never thought it would happen. I shot 70ish % at nationals and that is who I am but it still feels pretty great.
  5. speed

    Any pictures?

  6. $55 shipped do it?

  7. You may already be a GM at 8 yards. Start moving targets back and covering them with no shoots and develop your skills. Now get rid of time not shooting. Viola GM.
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