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  1. Looks like Mike Seeklander was high overall at Nationals. It could not happen to a better guy. Good talent, great plan and work ethic.
  2. Beware temp sensitivity of WST. It slows WAY down in high temperatures.
  3. Are you worried about pushing your sights?
  4. Hold the "brass" to a magnet, just a coating. My sx 2 would not run the federals, but the suprema 1 oz loads (1300 fps) run great at about the same price. Can't feel any difference in my m2 recoil wise.
  5. 200 bones? Same for Area 1. What was the fee last year?
  6. You won't be sorry. I have three and need three more.
  7. Nate


    I bought, and shoot a spartan, and there are some "issues". Rear sight is not a Bomar, but another cut I have yet to determine. The front sight cut is also different. I basically dumped the internals and put in quality stuff. The barrel is accurate, so for the price it was ok. The gun is slightly overweight with a magwell. I also have a Trojan in .40 And like it quite a bit.
  8. Cat herder, butt wiper, hand holder. Felony probation officer in other words.
  9. Be careful tightening your mag button as it can widen the grip on the side where the screw is.
  10. It seems all the parts should be fine for a single stack, but before I "pull the trigger" so to speak, I would like to make sure. I have three in 2011's, and love the pull and reliability. The time I used to spend MAYBE getting a good trigger is well worth the cost.
  11. Don't drop them on pavement or concrete, but mine have lasted a good while. I have Dawson, Grams, and TTI, all work fine.
  12. if you have any type of hand, wrist, or elbow trouble the muted recoil impulse of a 2011 can be important.
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