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9 MM Major Silhouette Load


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I am changing from True Blue to Silhouette. I have tried the search function and cannot find the info I am looking for.

I will be using Montana Gold 115 gr JHPs and MG 121gr IFPs. Both guns are full size one has an AET barrel with two ports and the other has none. I need a starting load and will work up from there on my chrono. Please include powder charge and OAL. All help will be appreciated.


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With the 115's I'd suggest starting at 8.0 grains at 1.175" That gets me 162 PF with NO holes.

With the 121's I'd suggest starting at 7.6 grains at 1.180" That gets me 162 PF with NO holes.

This is with the current shipping lot of Silhouette from Powder Valley in a regular Schuemann barrel with a bull comp.

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+1 on 7.7 with 124/125gr @ 1.165. 8.4-8.6gr w/115 gr JHP @ 1.165. Both of these loads are 170+ with 4.25 shorty. Post your 121gr load back when you get it figured out. Be sure to check your dot when you switch loads I tanked two stages Sunday when mine dropped 3" shooting this load. Gave the old C-More a 1/4 turn and got back in the game.

This load isn't the softest or flatest I 've tried but I like the feel of it.

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Silhouette is reverse temperature sensitive. Ammo left in the sun will chrono 30-40 FPS slower in my experience. I have been using Silhouette for 2.5 years, I think some lots are worse than others! Last week I went to the range to do some chrono work. I loaded 10 rounds into a magazine and set it in the sun, chrono'ed 2-10 shot strings and recorded data. I then picked up the mag and ammo that was set out 20 minutes earlier. The mag in the sun was quite warm to the touch and the gun was warm. Same loads chrono'ed 37 fps slower than ammo and gun at 75 degrees.

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