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  1. hitman

    Hiperfire 24 3G Trugger Issues

    Is there any movement on the pins?
  2. hitman

    P320RX Full or Compact for co?

    Why not just buy a full size kit, that is if you want a carry gun.
  3. hitman

    SSI X5 Tungsten Grip Module

    That's what it looks like to me but I haven't seen those and wont be buying one.
  4. Rule is contradictory. No where in the rules do they define what the orientation of the overlay is. If I hold it up as reading it right/left is width, up down is height so they effectively reference 2 different measurements.
  5. When I teach anything first thing I always try to do is get everyone laughing. It helps get people relaxed. In a training environment most peoples brain functions better and they retain more basic information when they are relaxed.
  6. hitman

    Large Brass Dryer

  7. hitman

    Large Brass Dryer

  8. I drilled a hole in my pistol cases where the trigger guard would be and run the cable through each case/pistol and around the inner frame. I use a Kryptonite motorcycle cable lock along with combination locks on the cases.
  9. hitman

    Romeo 1

    Try Fastenall or Brownells. If you don't know the thread pitch or size take the slide into a local store and they should be able to take care of you.
  10. hitman

    Low vs high velocity shot patterns

    How many oz shot load 1, 1 1/8 ect?
  11. hitman

    RO recert exam

    No problem taking mine in May. They get ability to print working yet?
  12. hitman

    Red necks and geeks!

    This plus Red necks Geeks And in Ohio an occasional man bun/metro sexual and no its not Flex. Oh and some guy whose the Open National Champ.
  13. hitman

    Dedicated PCC load

    I see said the blind man. Never thought it was that big a deal but I load in 6,000 to 10,000 round runs.
  14. hitman

    Dedicated PCC load

    Not sure what your talking about 2 throws but I have 2 PCC loads. 1 for BB 125 practice and 1 for PD 124 match. Haven't had any leading issues with BB in my JP GMR15 but then I spray my comp down with lube before practice and take brake cleaner to it after.
  15. hitman

    Registering a 'Club' Kindle Fire with Amazon

    Yep, ours are 8s though. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.