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  1. 2.5, middle of the trigger but then again mines not a legion and has a worked GG trigger.
  2. Kindles at my club but from use Ipad minis seem to be the best, then again I can get a lot of Kandel's for 1 mini.
  3. I use liberal tears. There free, plentiful and smell like freedom when it comes in contact with gunpowder.
  4. Optics ready for the DP or Romeo? Dealer BS or true?
  5. It was your fathers day present now its her mothers day present. It happens, give it a day or two and you should be fine.
  6. hitman

    M17 slide on an X5

    Yes it will fit.
  7. Your dating a 16 year old? Yes you can tell her I said that.
  8. Looks like that's my starting point. Thanks
  9. Anyone have a good load using Universal Clays or VV N320 with a 124/125 JHP bullet? Thinking about making the 124 my standard for PCC, Open, CO & Production..
  10. hitman

    Hardware deals

    Not there now, now there 49. Might have been a deal of the day but it came up in the cyber Monday listing.
  11. hitman

    Hardware deals

    Cyber Monday deal Fire 7 (8 gig) $29.99.
  12. Sad to say but on the whole SS is declining, some of it is us old people are getting older, some is the increase in divisions. In my area open is king.
  13. Kind of what I figure as they all act the same but you never know till you ask.
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