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  1. hitman

    Registering a 'Club' Kindle Fire with Amazon

    Yep, ours are 8s though. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not.
  2. hitman

    Registering a 'Club' Kindle Fire with Amazon

    Didn't have any problems setting ours up with no payment listed.
  3. hitman

    121 JHP PCC Load

    Anyone tried these and have some load data?
  4. hitman

    Virgina count missing steel

    Anyone else not getting a steel option when checking Virginia as the scoring option?
  5. Don't have that problem with my Session 5. Where do you have it mounted?
  6. hitman

    Pro on core again

    Anyone know what the pitch is on S&W core screws?
  7. We just tested them for replacing our nooks and this is the way we will go when the nooks die, at least for now.
  8. hitman

    Sudden Neighbors

    I really hate that for you. Be glad they aren't surrounding you.
  9. hitman

    Uninspiring Posts

  10. hitman

    What were you doing in the 1980's

    Working for uncle sugar, jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, shooting all kinds of cool stuff, blowing things up, eating snakes and drinking up most of my money. Man I miss those days
  11. Blood lead level is part of the blood test panel I get every year and short of the year I was shoot at an indoor range every week my results have been within normal range, whatever that is. The 1 bad year it was something like 23.
  12. hitman

    Thoughts on a new optic?

    I run an SWFA 1x6 and love it. I have shot it out to 600 yards with no issues.
  13. hitman

    Best range surface

    We use chipped limestone, with or without dust. I would recommend a permeable underlayment and box the whole range with landscape timbers to keep it from washing away or disappearing into the dirt.
  14. hitman

    recommend a decent punch set

    Starrett, Proto or even Snapon. Buy once cry once.