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  1. Streamlights are good to go, several 1000 rounds on a TRL1 with no issues, its been bounced off door frames, cars and its never come loose or gone out. Picked up a TRL HD (1000 lum) for a carry pistol not long ago, it will burn your eyes out.
  2. Has anyone put this combo in a gauge to see if its legal?
  3. Got around 7K on my GG so guess I'm on barrowed time.
  4. First I've heard about this being a thing. Guess I will proactively pull mine so I can mill a slot or drill and tap it.
  5. Have both and they are the same. Looks to me like they are selling a legion with x5 max and 4 21 round mags.
  6. Like the title says will the Romeo 3XL fit the x5 legion without a plate? Too tired and lazy to search
  7. Keep an eye out for ones with a ring (looks like a cut) around them, about 1/8" above the head, they have a shorter internal capacity.
  8. Taylor Freelance on my 17 round and TTI +2 on the 21.
  9. Looks like its time for a new division.
  10. It shows 4.7" in the sig, 5" in S&W but it is an open bottom design with a sight channel so I would say yes. Dont have one and I didn't stay at a Holliday Inn.
  11. CDC says a toilet paper fort will protect you from the Kung Flu. I just need 2 more rolls to finish mine.
  12. Carts you push, wagons you pull. Generally wagons hold more but tend to roll away when parked wrong and the wheels are not blocked. I'm seeing more hand trucks (like but not CED) being used as well. I've seen some really innovative ideas with all 3.
  13. I find CFE to be cleaner than WAC but otherwise yes.
  14. CFE Pistol is what I'm running now, like it more than WAC, Shill, 3N37 or AA7.
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